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Geek central, Melbourne

They say geek is the cool, right? Geek central in Melbourne must be the corner of Elizabeth and Little Collins Streets. Why? Because within a few metres are no less than three pop culture shops: Firstly, there's the Doctor Who "popup" (eg temporary, until January) shop. Actually it has Sherlock merchandise too, which probably makes it more of a Steven Moffat shop. Secondly, a little


The Java problem

I'd normally post something like this over on, but it's worth mentioning here. Java has suffered from a series of serious vulnerabilities, the most recent found just a couple of weeks ago. This article makes a good case for removing it completely from your computer: Is Java the root of all evil and can you really live without it in the browser? I need to verify I don't need i


Stupid web site stuff they could fix easily

(This could have gone to Geek Rant, but it's not overly technical...) Some stupid web site stuff, that would be easy to fix/avoid, that bugs me: When you click to watch an online video, and the player shows you the video advert, but then stops working when it comes to play the actual thing you wanted to watch. (The Age and Channel 7's site seem to do this to me a lot of the time.) When yo


Server hiccup

If you can see this, then (hopefully) things are getting back to normal. A server move was in the offing, but part of it happened sooner than I thought, effectively taking the site offline, and I didn't have time earlier to fix it. Long story. Please leave a comment if you see any more weirdness. By the way, may I recommend FreeDNS if you need to temporarily point a domain to somewhere ot

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Daniel is happy

I'm in an astoundingly good mood today. My week started off really crappily. You know the saga... boring job doing literally nothing... contracted until 21/11... can't escape early. But no matter, 'cos I got the most brilliant news last night. For the first time in the universe's recorded history, somebody is going to pay me for something I've written! No, I don't mean boring corporate computer