Where is it made? Advertising implies NZ, but the box says China.

We upgraded the kids’ beds to King Single… because they’re both getting big.

Unfortunately the place I bought the excellent old bunk beds years ago (“Chunky Pine Bunks”) seems to have closed down… a real shame because all I wanted was fairly plain, but really sturdy beds.

I hunted around and eventually found these:

Bed advertised on web site

Good price, looked sturdy. I went in and checked them out in person, and they looked okay, so ordered them.

When they arrived, I noted that unlike the advertisement above which implies they are made in NZ, they are actually made in China.

Box from bed

I’ve got no problem with the quality of them; so far they’ve been fine. And frankly, the price was right.

But I’m not sure how I feel about the advertising implying they’re made in NZ, when they’re not.

Of course it’s possible that the wood originates in NZ but is shipped to China for construction. Or perhaps it’s some type of wood that is known as New Zealand Pine?

Oh well. Just one of those things I suppose.

I guess the message here is that if the country of origin is important, be sure to ask — don’t trust the advertising, especially if it’s a bit vague.

Franco Cozzo

If you’re ever at Footscray Station on the footbridge (the one they’re going to have to knock down extend, even though they just built it), and you look towards the east, you’ll see something from a bygone era.

View from Footscray station footbridge

You might just be able to make out the words “Franco Cozzo” on an off-white building in the distance.

Franco Cozzo, Footscray

Yes, Franco Cozzo still exists, in Brunswick and Footscray, but the perhaps once-grand building (at least in Footscray, where it is called “Franco Cozzo House”, no less) is looking a bit the worse for wear.

It’s not in a great location, either — a bit distant from everything else in Footscray, and on a traffic sewer, with no passing pedestrians and no parking. When I’ve been going past, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soul going in.

And I haven’t had a look inside myself, as I must confess, that style of furniture just doesn’t appeal to me.

Judging from what can be seen in the window, it’s the same stuff as in the old adverts, which have surfaced on Youtube:

And the man himself (at least as recently as 2006) can still do the spiel: