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1978 film “Mouth to Mouth” includes scenes of Melbourne anti-freeway protests

The recent anti-motorway protests in Melbourne are nothing new. In fact the very same area was subject to protests in the 1970s, when it was proposed to link the Eastern Freeway to the Tullamarine Freeway by way of an aboveground link, by converting Alexandra Parade to a freeway, ploughing through neighbourhoods in Collingwood, Carlton and Fitzroy. Film and television can sometimes provide litt


Salami tactics

It's nice to know that right from the start, freeways have shown a consistent effectiveness for solving traffic problems: Thus, the South Eastern Freeway was announced in 1958 as the first urban freeway in Victoria – the MMBW stating that it would provide a "clear run of four lanes" ... The four-lane freeway was completed from Punt Road to Burnley St, Burnley, in 1962 and received the F-80 r


Freeways, freeways, everywhere

Via Google's archive of The Age, I found this, the 1969 freeway plan for Melbourne, with 1974 modifications (including a number of cuts). It's a little bit stylised, but according to the article, the plan was deliberately vague about which inner-suburban areas were to be demolished. A monstrous plan, you might think. Freeways everywhere! But this didn't all get built though, did it? O