Franco Cozzo mural in Footscray

Despite news last year that Franco Cozzo’s Footscray building is up for sale, it appears the store is sticking around for now.
Franco Cozzo store, Footscray, June 2015

Recently I noticed work being done on a mural on the eastern side of the building…
Franco Cozzo mural being painted, Footscray, May 2015

Now completed, it looks rather splendid.
Franco Cozzo mural, Footscray, June 2015
(See this larger)

Note the roller door, which when closed, shows Franco’s words from the ad “Grand Sale! Grand Sale!”
Franco Cozzo mural, Footscray, June 2015
(See this larger)

A couple of weeks ago, the man himself posed in front of it. (Source: Maribyrnong Leader)
Franco Cozzo poses with mural, May 2015 (Maribyrnong Leader)

Further along the same street is more street art celebrating local landmarks, including a Hitachi train (tagged, alas) and you might notice a small tribute to “Sinch”, who was electrocuted while train surfing.
Mural, Footscray, June 2015

Perhaps more palatable to some is this rendition of the old Olympic Doughnuts van.
Olympic Doughnuts, mural, Footscray, June 2015

There’s actually a fair bit of street art around Footscray and the inner-west; it’s worth looking out for if you’re in the area. Here’s a piece I spotted in Yarraville recently.
Street art, Yarraville

Franco Cozzo

If you’re ever at Footscray Station on the footbridge (the one they’re going to have to knock down extend, even though they just built it), and you look towards the east, you’ll see something from a bygone era.

View from Footscray station footbridge

You might just be able to make out the words “Franco Cozzo” on an off-white building in the distance.

Franco Cozzo, Footscray

Yes, Franco Cozzo still exists, in Brunswick and Footscray, but the perhaps once-grand building (at least in Footscray, where it is called “Franco Cozzo House”, no less) is looking a bit the worse for wear.

It’s not in a great location, either — a bit distant from everything else in Footscray, and on a traffic sewer, with no passing pedestrians and no parking. When I’ve been going past, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soul going in.

And I haven’t had a look inside myself, as I must confess, that style of furniture just doesn’t appeal to me.

Judging from what can be seen in the window, it’s the same stuff as in the old adverts, which have surfaced on Youtube:

And the man himself (at least as recently as 2006) can still do the spiel: