Sights from the Footscray station pedestrian bridge

The Footscray station pedestrian bridge opened earlier this year. As noted in this Age article, part of it will have to be demolished to cater for the Regional Fast Rail project (even though the RFR project was funded before the bridge was built... hello, forward planning). Anyway, there are some great views from the top of the bridge. Here are some of them. View to the Westgate bridge...

Food'n'drink, Melbourne

Good news!

As the city develops, we're in danger of losing landmarks which are no longer deemed valuable by those in power. Lonsdale House is a recent example, though it's not gone yet. This is Olympic Doughnuts, outside Footscray Station, pictured in 2007. Since then, most of the surrounding shops have been demolished as part of the redevelopment of the station and surrounds. I've been wondering i