End of the week pics

Pretty funny: Southern Cross Station has departure signs sponsored by Red Rooster. In part because they show less information, they actually have fewer errors than the official signs — but beware — it appears they don’t show trains departing in less than 10 minutes (because they want you to think there’s time to go and buy a snack from them).
Red Rooster departure signs, Southern Cross station
(More on these signs at Marcus Wong’s blog)

Interesting… ummm… tree watchamacallit in Footscray:
Footscray tree

Last of my birthday gifts was last night (thank you M): superb tickets to Bill Bailey. Very funny stuff — go see him if you get the chance. Row AA was about four rows from the front. Fantastic.
Bill Bailey tickets

Hamer Hall is very impressive… we made sure to go in early to admire the new renovation.
Hamer Hall starts to fill up

Here’s what happens when you try and run a red light, but don’t make it across.
When you try to run a red light, but don't make it #RoadMorons

Is it just me who finds these fake birds at Bunnings a bit creepy when viewed en masse?
Bunnings birds

Bunnings birds

Sometimes it feels like you might be waiting until doomsday for the bus

Sometimes it feels like you might be waiting until doomsday for the bus #rapture

Pic taken this morning, if you wondered.

Disclaimer: actually bus 223 is pretty frequent, because it’s a former tram route.

(Spotted by J.)

Update: BBC News: ‘Rapture’: Believers perplexed after prediction fails

Franco Cozzo

If you’re ever at Footscray Station on the footbridge (the one they’re going to have to knock down extend, even though they just built it), and you look towards the east, you’ll see something from a bygone era.

View from Footscray station footbridge

You might just be able to make out the words “Franco Cozzo” on an off-white building in the distance.

Franco Cozzo, Footscray

Yes, Franco Cozzo still exists, in Brunswick and Footscray, but the perhaps once-grand building (at least in Footscray, where it is called “Franco Cozzo House”, no less) is looking a bit the worse for wear.

It’s not in a great location, either — a bit distant from everything else in Footscray, and on a traffic sewer, with no passing pedestrians and no parking. When I’ve been going past, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soul going in.

And I haven’t had a look inside myself, as I must confess, that style of furniture just doesn’t appeal to me.

Judging from what can be seen in the window, it’s the same stuff as in the old adverts, which have surfaced on Youtube:

And the man himself (at least as recently as 2006) can still do the spiel: