Metro tunnel portal plans released

Rail Projects Victoria has released some draft plans for parts of the Metro 1 project. The plans include both portals (where the tunnel connects to the existing aboveground tracks) and the western turnback - a facility to be added at West Footscray station to turnback (terminate and/or originate) train services through the tunnel. Below are some brief notes, but if you want details, you sho

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Franco Cozzo mural in Footscray

Despite news last year that Franco Cozzo's Footscray building is up for sale, it appears the store is sticking around for now. Recently I noticed work being done on a mural on the eastern side of the building... Now completed, it looks rather splendid. (See this larger) Note the roller door, which when closed, shows Franco's words from the ad "Grand Sale! Grand Sale!" (See this

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Regional Rail Link tour part 2 braindump

About a year ago, a group of us from the PTUA went on a tour of the Regional Rail Link, a massive 50 kilometre-long rail project providing new tracks from Southern Cross, via Footscray and Sunshine, then along a new corridor through Melbourne's new outer-western suburbs to West Werribee. The project will provide extra track capacity for V/Line trains on the Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo lines i


Pics: The new shiny West Footscray station

I'm running a bit behind in my blogging due to general business. Here are some pictures from the brand new shiny West Footscray station a few weeks ago. The platforms seem uncluttered, and there are Passenger Information Displays (PIDs) and a clock, which are becoming the standard now for new stations: There's a pretty big car park, in part to make up for the parking lost at Footscray


New Footscray station bridge now being partially demolished

This is Footscray railway station's William Cooper bridge, pictured just after it opened in 2010. It's almost brand new. Preparatory work on replacing the old bridge had began in April 2009, with the first bridge spans put into place in around August 2009. It was opened in April 2010, at a cost of $15 million. Meanwhile, the Regional Rail Link (RRL) project was first publicly mooted in 2

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End of the week pics

Pretty funny: Southern Cross Station has departure signs sponsored by Red Rooster. In part because they show less information, they actually have fewer errors than the official signs -- but beware -- it appears they don't show trains departing in less than 10 minutes (because they want you to think there's time to go and buy a snack from them). (More on these signs at Marcus Wong's blog) Int

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Franco Cozzo

If you're ever at Footscray Station on the footbridge (the one they're going to have to knock down extend, even though they just built it), and you look towards the east, you'll see something from a bygone era. You might just be able to make out the words "Franco Cozzo" on an off-white building in the distance. Yes, Franco Cozzo still exists, in Brunswick and Footscray, but the perha