New Footscray station bridge now being partially demolished

This is Footscray railway station's William Cooper bridge, pictured just after it opened in 2010. It's almost brand new. Preparatory work on replacing the old bridge had began in April 2009, with the first bridge spans put into place in around August 2009. It was opened in April 2010, at a cost of $15 million. Meanwhile, the Regional Rail Link (RRL) project was first publicly mooted in 2


Regional Rail Link update: Olympic Doughnuts to stay at Footscray station

A couple of years ago when they were announcing some of the detail around the Regional Rail Link project upgrades to Footscray station, I jokingly remarked on Twitter that I hoped the doughnut van would survive. I was then assured by someone in the then-minister's office that it would. The government may have changed, but the commitment to let the doughnut van stay hasn't: However, along w


Sights from the Footscray station pedestrian bridge

The Footscray station pedestrian bridge opened earlier this year. As noted in this Age article, part of it will have to be demolished to cater for the Regional Fast Rail project (even though the RFR project was funded before the bridge was built... hello, forward planning). Anyway, there are some great views from the top of the bridge. Here are some of them. View to the Westgate bridge...