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Last night’s AFL match result – nowhere to be found in The Age paper edition?

I get The Age delivered on weekends. On Saturdays in particular it's good to lazily read its numerous sections in the morning. So I picked it up wanting to know who won the football last night: Richmond or Fremantle? I just want to know if I tipped it right. Sometimes they have the score on the front page. Not this time. OK, so I flick to the Sports section. Not on the cover of that eit


If your team is out, who are you going for?

If your team is out, who are you going for? First. I'm a Geelong fan, so I'm going for them, of course. Go Cats! What of the others? Equal second. I'd have rated the Dogs or the Saints equally. Both underdogs. I have a girlfriend who lives in Footscray, and a good friend who is a big Dogs fan, but I have a sister who goes for the Saints, and I grew up in St Kilda. Since the Saints won las