A little Sunday afternoon fire-fighting (and lighting) on the farm

There’s always something happening on the farm, and I suspect it’s the nature of these family-run farms that those that manage it need to be willing to take on a wide variety of tasks.

On Sunday it was burning-off, and for a while, I was on fire-fighting duty. Not to stop the fire, but to make sure it didn’t jump the fire breaks.

The tool for lighting up the fire is the amusingly-branded Fire Bug fire control torch.
The amusingly-named Firebug fire lighter (055)

As the fire was lit up, we moved along the fire break with a truck with a water pump (an upgrade from what we used last time I helped on a burn-off), putting out spot fires if they spread into the break. There was a slight breeze, which fanned the flames.
Burning-off at the farm (024)

In between squirting water as appropriate, I managed to slightly drench myself, but my jeans soon dried.
Burning-off at the farm (025)

Jack had come along for the ride, and had no problems in keeping out of the way of the flames.
Jack - Burning-off at the farm (030)

Gradually the target area went from dry grass and shrub to black, and the smoke drifted away.

Burning-off at the farm (043)

Burning-off at the farm (036)

Once we’d finished, birds moved in to see what good might have been made available by the disruption. (Yum — BBQ!)
Birds circle looking for food after burning-off (058)

Some silly things

A fire in Springvale, to which the CFA responds. C’mon, Springvale. What is this, 1960? East of Westall Road isn’t paddocks anymore. Surely it’s time to re-draw the MFB/CFA boundaries?

The metro/country taxi boundaries are similar, aren’t they? Time for an update.

Odd. I found a quarterly magazine that retails for $7, but is $44 per year by subscription?!

What’s with those fake Tintin t-shirts? “Tintin in Vietnam”? They’re not even taking the mickey out of the characters, they’re just making stuff up. Why?

Finally… if you get the opportunity to speak to the world, don’t waste it. Use your canvas wisely. Aim to impart great knowledge. Communicate your ideas to make society better. Say something meaningful.
The intellectuals have been busy