I've seen pictures before, but canola crops are startlingly yellow when you see them up close. These photos are from near Nagambie yesterday, where there seems to be a lot of it at the moment. Apparently the name once used here, and still used in the UK, is "rape", or "rapeseed". I think I can see why the marketing bods here these days prefer "canola" -- which is derived from "Canadian

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There's a cold going round the family. I hope I'm on the tail end of it now, but it's rotten. I feel fine 85% of the time, but every hour or so there's a period of almost uncontrollable coughing, caused by an itchy throat that can't be soothed by man nor beast nor Strepsil. (Not even the rocket-powered menthol and eucalyptus ones.) That's enough to have kept me at home for the last two working