A little Sunday afternoon fire-fighting (and lighting) on the farm

There's always something happening on the farm, and I suspect it's the nature of these family-run farms that those that manage it need to be willing to take on a wide variety of tasks. On Sunday it was burning-off, and for a while, I was on fire-fighting duty. Not to stop the fire, but to make sure it didn't jump the fire breaks. The tool for lighting up the fire is the amusingly-branded Fir

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Pics from last week

You can tell I don't have a good blog post ready to go when I post a bunch of pictures. Here's a few from last week (that you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter). Mer Chri! -- This was on Thursday night -- by Friday they'd put up the other letters. Below the picture they'd put in supports earlier in the week -- you can see the full set in this picture from last year. They must keep all t