A little Sunday afternoon fire-fighting (and lighting) on the farm

There’s always something happening on the farm, and I suspect it’s the nature of these family-run farms that those that manage it need to be willing to take on a wide variety of tasks.

On Sunday it was burning-off, and for a while, I was on fire-fighting duty. Not to stop the fire, but to make sure it didn’t jump the fire breaks.

The tool for lighting up the fire is the amusingly-branded Fire Bug fire control torch.
The amusingly-named Firebug fire lighter (055)

As the fire was lit up, we moved along the fire break with a truck with a water pump (an upgrade from what we used last time I helped on a burn-off), putting out spot fires if they spread into the break. There was a slight breeze, which fanned the flames.
Burning-off at the farm (024)

In between squirting water as appropriate, I managed to slightly drench myself, but my jeans soon dried.
Burning-off at the farm (025)

Jack had come along for the ride, and had no problems in keeping out of the way of the flames.
Jack - Burning-off at the farm (030)

Gradually the target area went from dry grass and shrub to black, and the smoke drifted away.

Burning-off at the farm (043)

Burning-off at the farm (036)

Once we’d finished, birds moved in to see what good might have been made available by the disruption. (Yum — BBQ!)
Birds circle looking for food after burning-off (058)



Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched?

Sheep on the farm (071)

Melbourne Photos

Pics from last week

You can tell I don’t have a good blog post ready to go when I post a bunch of pictures. Here’s a few from last week (that you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter).

Mer Chri! — This was on Thursday night — by Friday they’d put up the other letters. Below the picture they’d put in supports earlier in the week — you can see the full set in this picture from last year. They must keep all the letters in a depot somewhere for the rest of the year.
Mer Chri!

Preparing to bring Thursday night’s train chaos into your livingroom — this is Andrew Lund from Channel 9, wired-up and about to report live from Flinders Street Station
It's @andrew_lund hard at work, bringing tonight's chaos to you at home.

The robots are coming! — Alan Kohler always likes a one-liner in his financial graphs.
Eek! @AlanKohler says the robots are coming!

Jack’s having a rest — Jack knows in an open paddock, sometimes the only shade is underneath the ute. Meanwhile, I had to continually pick grass seeds off my socks.


It’s Turbo Chicken!

(from the same day as this pic)


Pic: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Yeah yeah, it’s not actually a road. Still thought it was an amusing pic though.