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Steps to fitness

First, an update: FebFast is going well. A couple of minor transgressions, but overall given I've normally got a bit of a sweet tooth, I think I'm doing well avoiding junk food. Certainly no chips or chocolate have passed my lips since the start of the month, but perhaps more remarkably, no biscuits (despite the plentiful supply in the office) and no muesli bars. Thank you to those who have spo

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Taking up running (again)

Part two of my three part plan for weight loss... (Part 1 is diet via FebFast) I've never been one for organised sport, but I've had a few failed attempts at an exercise regime over the years. In the late 90s, I would regularly go for a short morning run, but I kind of fell out of the habit after a few months. A couple of years ago I got a punching bag, but it hasn't really stuck. I do get a


Christmas present: a punching ball.

In my family we do a non-anonymous Kris Kringle for the adults. This fell into the category of a specific request. Keen to avoid the all-too-common strategy of asking for a gift voucher (if this pattern goes on, we'll end up just exchanging direct debits via net bank) I thought I'd throw the punching ball into the list as something I kinda wanted to try, but might be reluctant to buy myself. Su

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The walk to the station is doing you good

Seems some people can't see the trees for the forest. A HIGH school has banned bicycles because it has no bike shed and it doesn't want to encourage students who refuse to wear helmets. Hume Central Secondary College's policy has puzzled health and cycling groups amid growing concern about childhood obesity. ... In the same newsletter, she [Principal Bronwyn Meek] complained about the dang