Old photos from January 2004

Another batch of photos from ten years ago: January 2004.

My old kitchen in the house I rented in Carnegie for two years, with the horrible lime green bench tops. Also showing old toaster, the old milk I used to buy, an old land line phone (now plugged into the VOIP modem/router) and the kettle — at the time, shiny new (I’d got it for Christmas), and still in service.
My old kitchen (January 2004)

Degraves Street in the city. Hasn’t changed much.
Degraves Street (January 2004)

Flinders Lane, also hasn’t changed much.
Flinders Lane (January 2004)

Ditto Centre Place, though these days at lunchtime on a sunny day it seems much busier. (I originally posted this pic back then.)
Centre Place, lunchtime (January 2004)

City skyline from Quarry Park in Footscray, looking down the Maribyrnong. Pre wheel.
City skyline from Footscray Park (January 2004)

I’ve also got a massive camera stitch pan from the same spot. Well worth a look.

Same spot, Maisie the Dog looks down on the just-started Edgewater Estate. Today that area is full of houses.
Maisie the Dog looks over Edgewater Estate (January 2004)

A shot from Mollison Street, Kyneton, showing the old Westpac (Bank Of New South Wales) and Commonwealth banks:
Mollison Street, Kyneton (January 2004)

Compare to a more recent pic from Google Streetview, which shows the Bank of NSW facade nicely restored:
Mollison Street, Kyneton (Google Streetview)

(I posted another photo from Kyneton that day: Spotted in Kyneton — just another hazard for the cyclists to watch out for: horse shit in the bike lane.)

Finally, as I noted at the time, on January 19th 2003 2004, MX ran a fun article about etiquette on public transport:
MX 19/1/2004

People are such damn slobs

City of Melbourne have announced a change to the fines for littering smokers, with the fine going up to $234 for throwing away a lit cigarette.

Smokers or non-smokers, it just staggers me that some people are such slobs.

Litter, Edgewater oval

Regularly, I see footy-goers at the Parkside Edgewater oval (Maribyrnong) rock up to watch a local footy game, sit in their cars eating, and throw their food wrappers and bottles and other crap on the ground afterwards and just drive off. Absolutely breathtaking.

What the hell are they all thinking? Do they leave crap around their own homes as well?

Someone comes along in the following week and cleans it all up (probably at the expense of the local ratepayers), and then at the next game a week or two later, they do it again.

I mean, WTF?

(Dear City of Maribyrnong, if your officers want to earn some fine revenue for littering, Parkside Edgewater during a game is the place to be. But take back-up.)

Maybe it’s time to re-use those old 80s adverts that treat people like preschoolers idiots.

Or otherwise, perhaps the Doctor can do something about it.