Cancelling East West Link cost $780m, but saved $4b

This is old news, but it keeps coming up, and I never got around to blogging about it in detail, so... The popular narrative of East West Link (from those who wanted it built) is that the Andrews Government paid $1 billion for nothing. As you might expect, there's a little more to it than that. The Victorian Auditor General found: The EWL project was terminated in June 2015 with more t

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EWLink zombie is dead, buried, cremated – some thoughts

East West Link is now that it's dead, buried and cremated (to coin a phrase). Though I'm not sure that's how you destroy zombies. Some closing thoughts on the project... The $339m payout is less than a single year of the expected $345m annual Availability Payments that would have been paid if it had been built -- let alone the billions in other costs. So yes it's a lot of money, but give

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The #EWLink billion dollar booby trap

The previously secret East West Link "side letter", offering compensation even if the contract was deemed invalid, seems to underscore just how desperate the State Coalition was to build the road -- despite it being a project that: is highly controversial is more expensive than just about anything previously built in Victoria has a Benefit Cost Ratio of well below 1.0 had no mandate fli


My notes from a quick skim of the #EWLink business case

Late last night, the Herald Sun unexpectedly published the entire East West Link business case, ahead of its official release today. Some notes from me from a quick flick through: p12 makes various high-level claims, particularly faster trips for motorists -- but as we know, this benefit never lasts because traffic increases. p17 flags the toll prices used in the modelling: (2012 pric