Lovely Camberwell station saved from re-development (and DDA compliance)

Thank goodness Camberwell station has been saved from re-development.

The project has been shelved, so it will remain as lovely as it is today:

Entrance, Camberwell station

Platform 3, Camberwell stationCamberwell station

View from Burke Road bridge, Camberwell station

The superb vistas from Burke Road will be preserved:

Car park, Camberwell station

Stabling yard, Camberwell station

…as will the views from the platforms:

Camberwell station stabling yard

The ramps will remain non-DDA compliant, helping to maintain its exclusivity:

Ramp from platform 3, Camberwell station

The car spots, providing parking for a lucky 75 people (about half a carriage’s worth) is surely the best use possible of some of the most valuable land in Australia:

Car park, Camberwell station

Car park, Camberwell station

Why would you even think of changing it?

Platform 2, Camberwell station

Now, with sarcasm mode off, to be fair, many observers were against the VicTrack proposal but do support upgrades to the station that preserve the overall heritage.

Something’s got to happen to provide DDA access, and to provide better interchange to and from trams (and to a lesser-extent, buses) and for Alamein line shuttle passengers.

The question of increased density around railway stations is another debate that seems to generate a lot of opposition. My own view is that population growth is inevitable, and the city can’t keep sprawling — there’s got to be some effort made to get more residents into established suburbs, particularly in such a way that people are less car-dependent.