The digital TV re-tune 7th Feb – and: It’s nice to know genuine technological reform can happen

This Friday 7th February is Melbourne's re-tune day for digital television. This is when the frequencies of some channels change, so they can make more efficient use of the spectrum. If you don't re-tune your digital TV devices, you may find some channels don't work after this. Hopefully most people will figure out how to do it. The whole shift to digital TV, and the shutdown of analogue


Bye bye to analogue TV

Analogue TV has been shut off in most parts of Australia in the last few months. Sydney was yesterday morning, and one enterprising bloke managed to record the last moments of all five stations. Have a watch, it's great. Note Channel 7 (top right) which actually marked it by playing an old animation. The others just went blank as if in some horror movie: Channel 7 also made an effort whe

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Digital TV can sometimes look like crap

Where digital TV really fails is handling lots and lots of moving objects on screen at once. Look at these two grabs from last night's ABC news. In the first, host Ian Henderson is shown. With little moving, the picture is very smooth -- even with the slightly dodgy ABC blue screen. (See it bigger) Now look at the second grab a few seconds later. It's library footage of Melbourne Storm'


Some further thoughts on Digital TV

High Definition-only channels ABC News 24 was the first HD-only channel. There's more on the way: Channel 7's offering aimed at the male demographic "7-Mate" will also be HD-only. Channel 10's new "Eleven" will be SD, but it will replace the SD version of their sports channel "One". There are rumours Channel 9 will launch a new channel next year, and inevitably that'll be HD-only, give


Going digital

I finally got myself organised for digital TV, including Thursday night's launch of ABC News 24. (The opening minutes of ABC News 24, posted by Adam Dimech) I'd been putting off buying a set-top box, remembering the rule that technology always gets cheaper over time. I was waiting for an HD set-top box with USB recording to get under $100. Kogan has come close: its PVR is $95 including del