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My late father’s account of the Murdoch-owned “Sydney Mirror” story in 1964 that led to a suicide

In looking through my late father's papers, I found the following, which he wrote about an incident on Rupert Murdoch's Sydney Daily Mirror in the mid-1960s. I found it fascinating in light of the News Of The World controversy that was uncovered during 2011, though of course one should not jump to conclusions about the practices in the 1960s versus more recently, particularly at News's current


My dad and the Brisbane PT campaign, circa 1951

I was interested to see this post complaining about Brisbane bus services to the University of Queensland. In this Courier Mail article it appears that the most overcrowded bus services in Brisbane all serve university precincts. My dad was editor of the UQ student newspaper Semper Floreat in 1951. UQ has recently put many (possibly all) old editions of it online. To my surprise and delight,

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Brisbane Day 3

Monday 3rd October Day three in Brisbane, and it was time to get to the whole point of the trip: to visit my Dad's memorial bench at the University of Queensland. After waiting for my Uncle Frank (Dad's last remaining sibling) to arrive (his bus was delayed), we headed down Adelaide Street to find the 109 -- not the 109 tram I'm more familiar with, but the 109 bus to UQ's St Lucia campus.

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A year since Dad left us

It's a year today since Dad passed-away. It's got easier to deal with and think about as the months have passed. Life goes on. But yes, today (and on the 7th, which would have been his 80th birthday), I did find myself in contemplation. Doubly so when a $7 refund cheque for him for a cancelled utility arrived recently. His influence is still felt, and he is remembered fondly. As my sis

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The memorial bench

At the University of Queensland this week, they installed a park bench, a memorial to my father, who studied there and was editor of the student magazine Sempor Floreat sixty years ago this year. I'm told it's beside the lake (obviously) next to College Road, close to the intersection with Staff House Road. Judging from the pics, I reckon Dad would have liked the spot, though I b

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The power of music

(My blogging is likely to be a little sporadic for the next week or two. I'm sure you can work out why.) Music can often be very powerful at capturing an emotion, a feeling, a memory. After that post a couple of months ago about songs on a theme, here's another theme that's become relevant to me since three months ago today. The Living Years, by Mike and the Mechanics. I sometimes hear th

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Things I discovered when picking up my father’s ashes from the crematorium

Things I discovered when picking up my father's ashes from the crematorium: 1. At Fawkner, you pick them up from the office, not the crematorium itself. If you catch the train there, the office is in a non-intuitive location, back towards Sydney Road. 2. Make sure you have photo ID. I guess they don't want just anybody making off with ashes. 3. The ashes and their container are heavier th

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“You couldn’t have a full-blooded aborigine or Chinese teaching”

Yesterday it was a month since my Dad passed away. And yesterday, the Brisbane Courier Mail published an obituary by his friend, Peter Edwards, Emeritus Professor of English at University of Queensland. You can read the full text here. It talks about a 1949 article, of which I have obtained a copy via my Uncle Frank. They misspelt his name, but it's the story itself which is amazin

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The funeral

Yesterday was a hard day, but a good day. Thank you to my sister (siblings help so much at times like these), Reverend Johnsan David (and helpers) at St David's Anglican Church in Moorabbin for accommodating us, Brian at Mannings Funerals, Laura and the others at South Eastern Private Hospital, all the others who helped this week and attended yesterday, and everyone else for your thoughts this

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My dad turned 79 the week before last. He got sick and went into hospital on Thursday. Pneumonia. Over the weekend he was very unwell, and yesterday he expressed the view that he would like to go soon. Tonight he got his wish, and slipped peacefully away. RIP JQ. 7/8/1931 -- 16/8/2010. Update Tuesday 8:40am: Thank you all for your thoughts. I thought I'd just highlight a post