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Cyclists on the footpath

I described this on Twitter the other day, but I'll expand on it here. I was heading out in the car on Saturday afternoon. Got in, beeped, looked behind me, slowly backed-out of my driveway. BANG! A cyclist riding along the footpath with his dog (roughly at running pace) collided with my car. I stopped, moved my car back into the driveway, and asked if he was okay. Thankfully he was. A


Bike lanes that don’t disappear 50m before an intersection? Yes, it is possible.

As an occasional cyclist, nothing puts me off like feeling unsafe. Bike lanes help me feel safer, but tend to fizzle out before intersections -- just where many cyclists would consider that you need them the most. It doesn't have to be that way. Here's a real life example of continuous bike lanes: the corner of Alma and Kooyong Roads, Caulfield North. Looking south: Looking west:


General Motors: “Stop pedaling, start driving” vs Giant Bicycles’ comeback

General Motors' campaign in US college newspapers: (via Bike Portland) Seems to be implying that driving is cooler than cycling. Pretty funny... to a lot of the younger generation (including Americans, at least in cities like Portland), there's nothing cool about driving a huge truck. Anyway, here's Giant Bicycles' comeback: (via Justin Haugens) GM have apparently now pulled


Bike helmets

Radio National's Background Briefing had a feature story on the bike helmet debate yesterday morning. You can download it and listen to it here. It talks about Melbourne's bike share scheme; the experience in Europe (where cyclist numbers are higher, but injuries are lower) vs Australia (which it sounds like is the only country with compulsory bike helmet laws, since 1990, and is now cited in E

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The walk to the station is doing you good

Seems some people can't see the trees for the forest. A HIGH school has banned bicycles because it has no bike shed and it doesn't want to encourage students who refuse to wear helmets. Hume Central Secondary College's policy has puzzled health and cycling groups amid growing concern about childhood obesity. ... In the same newsletter, she [Principal Bronwyn Meek] complained about the dang