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How Aussie are you?

From the Suz's Space blog, this is the How Aussie Are You Meme. I'll leave the "No"s blank. I like that it's got a nice mix of bush and urban stuff, and some culture in there too. 1. Heard a kookaburra in person. -- yep. 2. Slept under the stars. -- lain awake yes, slept no. 3. Seen a koala. -- yep. 4. Visited Melbourne. -- live there. 5. Watched a summer thunderstorm. -- yep. 6. Worn a pa

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Stuff white Melburnians like

Love a bit of cultural satire. Via Nathan I found the article Stuff Melbourne white people like. Some funny stuff, and since I'm a bit light-on for writing my own blog content this week, here are some excerpts: The Monthly: Buying a subscription to The Monthly for the object of your affections is tantamount to expressing your undying love for them and saying that you intend to spend the r