It seems we dodged a bullet

How’s everybody going? Managing okay I hope? How’s the working week going? Well I’m spending it at home.How was your weekend? Mostly at home.What did you get up to last night? … I was at home. It’s been an adjustment, but we’re managing in my family. Working from home (now in the fourth week) is  ... [More]


You can pause a Myki Pass

Since many people aren’t using public transport right now, some us who have a Myki Pass aren’t getting much out of them. Normally the only option is to get a refund. Because of the way PTV calculates refunds, this often isn’t worthwhile. Back when the COVID-19 crisis was first emerging, your friendly local public transport  ... [More]

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Cutting capacity has side effects

With all the talk of falling public transport patronage (some estimates have suggested it’s down 90%) and persistent (but unconfirmed) rumours of reduction of services to weekend levels, it’s worth remembering that capacity is only one aspect of service levels. Normally, trains trams and buses are often packed, but with patronage currently so low, passengers  ... [More]