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Stuff white Melburnians like

Love a bit of cultural satire. Via Nathan I found the article Stuff Melbourne white people like. Some funny stuff, and since I'm a bit light-on for writing my own blog content this week, here are some excerpts: The Monthly: Buying a subscription to The Monthly for the object of your affections is tantamount to expressing your undying love for them and saying that you intend to spend the r

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Baked beans on toast FTW!

One of the things the nurse said at the workplace health check a couple of weeks ago was about including a variety of fruit and vegetable in my diet. And she said "Even beans on toast." You beauty! That there is an official recommendation to cook one of the laziest, least effort meals known to man. I had it tonight. Heinz's finest on wholemeal bread. The can notes that it is the equiv