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The New Delhi games mess

I'm finding the situation in New Delhi fascinating. For those outside the Commonwealth and/or who haven't heard, the city is having enormous problems getting ready for the Commonwealth Games. Sure, there are always stories like this ahead of big events, but in this case, there's been an apparent terrorist attack (several tourists injured in a gun attack on a bus on Sunday), complaints about the

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Bye bye Games

Bye bye to the Commonwealth Games. I'm not normally that enthused by sport, but going to see the athletics at the MCG enthused me somewhat. I also saw the big fish thingies on the Yarra on Friday night, and enjoyed wandering amongst the big crowds. I watched some of the TV coverage, and noted that there were possibly only two sports that I could not even attempt without risking immediate and se

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Delays expected – Blame the games

Okay okay, it hasn't really been that bad. But I had to laugh when seeing about five of these signs in a row going up St Kilda Road the other week. One really did say "Avoid inner suburbs." See also: Blame the Games A day at the athletics (Note March 2016: originally this was a Flash animation - it has been remade as an animated GIF.)



Australia's Kerryn McCann says she was prepared to be beaten in the women's marathon, until she heard the roar of the MCG crowd. -- The Age Such a thrilling thing I haven't seen in a long time. She didn't know it, but 76,500 of us in the MCG were watching her progress against Hellen Cherono Koskei of Kenya from about Princes Bridge onwards. They kept exchanging the lead, and as they came throug

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The blame Games

Ahhh... the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony... the flying tram... landing on a giant Melway. You know what, if I had designed the opening moments, that's probably how I would have done it. Didn't understand the juxtaposition of ballet dancers and trail bikes though. ... I noticed in a city drycleaners the other day a sign indicating there could be problems getting clothes back on time...