Brief things

Computer: I like it when computers reach the point at which a good upgrade is cheap, quick and cheerful. In this case on my two-year-old box, tripling the RAM cost me $45, tripling the hard disk space cost $130. And as the new disk is faster than the old one, I’ll take the opportunity to re-install everything onto it, and clear out its sinuses in the process. … Would have helped if I’d bought the correct hard disk cable, of course.

Cluster headaches: They came back for autumn, but the medication has pretty much got them under control.

Solar hot water: It’s been a year since I got solar hot water installed. From a user point of view, there’s absolutely no difference. By the time it reaches you at the tap, it’s just hot water. I’d love to tell you it made a clear and noticeable difference to the gas bills, but looking through them, I’m not seeing it, in part because water, heating, and cooking is all tied up in there, and also apparently (at least according to some BOM figures I cast my untrained eye over), 2008 was slightly colder than 2007.

The toe: It’s healing. Most of the swelling has gone, but it’s still a little uncomfortable to walk in shoes.

Star Trek: Booked for Sunday in Gold Class. Looking forward to this.

Medicinal reasons

I’d been meaning to write about this anyway, but one of Richard’s Twitter posts reminded me: If only more medical problems could be solved by simply ingesting more caffeine. The world would be a better place.


The cluster headaches I suffered from last summer did return this year, but happily the medication has been very effective at curbing them.

When there is a twinge over and above what the medication can handle, as the Wikipedia article notes, caffeine can make a difference.

I don’t normally drink Coke — overall it’s not a very healthy thing to consume — but have found slurping down a can provides of enough of a burst of caffeine to help a lot.

So as my sister commented (when she gave me some unwanted cans), I drink Coke for medicinal reasons.

PS. It appears that Coke Zero contains the same amount of caffeine, but no sugar, which might be a better option when one requires a medicinal caffeine infusion, though in fact a cup of tea appears to be an even better option.

The spring cluster

Spring has sprung. The weather’s getting nicer.

My mind has turned to the cluster headaches that I got for the first time at this time last year. I haven’t had any again yet, but there’s something about the light which just hints that they might be on their way. Or maybe it’s just that my memory of them is now so strongly associated with them now.

Given that conventional painkillers (to quote Natalie: Tylenol, paracetamol or ibuprofen) don’t work, I’m going to make sure I’ve got some Veracaps left from last time in case they come back. Or if not I’ll need to make a rapid visit to the doctor.


Yay. My cluster headaches have gone away, for now, even after having gone off the medication. Something to watch out for next spring, as I suspect they’ll re-appear then.

Funny thing is I had suspected the medication would impede my ability to donate blood. I rang the blood bank and they said no, it’s fine, come on in for your appointment. Moments after hanging up, I remembered I wouldn’t be able to go to my appointment anyway because something else important had cropped up at exactly the same time. I pondered ringing back, but decided it would look like I was trying too hard to weasel my way out of it. I’ll just have to give double next time. (Not!)

Boo! My bottle of hair stuff I like from Aveda ran out, and I went to get more. (I wonder if that post from 2004 was really the last time I bought it? Nah, there must have been another one in the meantime.) It’s been discontinued. But curiously, the guy there said it’ll be back “sometime this year”. Odd. He sold me some other stuff, which I bet isn’t as good. Grumble.

Shell emailed pointing out an old entry from 2001, in which I sent an SMS for the first time. Pretty funny stuff, and I wonder what other old posts of mine might highlight the arrival of technologies that we now take for granted.

Hmmm… the first time I mentioned Google was in 2001. I remember using AltaVista a lot in the 90s, but evidently found no reason to write about it. It wasn’t until 2006 that I finally (permanently) got a camera phone — well behind the pack there, though I had dabbled previously. I first got broadband internet in 2000.

Ailments of the week

So far it’s not a good month for minor ailments. Last week Jeremy had a coughy-coldy thing; this week Isaac’s had it worse, knocking him out of school… thankfully he’s got over it in time to go off to camp this morning.

As for me, I must have eaten something bad, and my over-sensitive stomach (aka “Bowen Belly“) has been at it again overnight. Maybe it was the snags for dinner last night weren’t cooked right through, but if so, how come I was the only one affected? Not pleasant, and today I’m at home hoping to catch up on sleep.

On the bright side, the cluster headaches have almost completely gone thanks to the medication.

This week my head is a little tender however… but that’s to blame on the huge bang on the temple I got from the front door on Saturday. I know I’ve never been an athlete, but sometimes I astound even myself at my low level of coordination.