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CHs: Here’s what I know

As time goes on, I learn more about the cluster headaches that hit me from time to time. They're different for each person, obviously, but here's what I know this time around, from my experiences and from my ongoing Googling research -- and I must say, the online resources available have been steadily improving. The word "headache" in the name is a misnomer. They're not related to conventional


Cluster headaches are back

The term blog is a shortening of web log... well, this blog post is a log for primarily my own purposes, though it may be of interest to others. Seems the cluster headaches are back this morning. They often return at the change of season, but I haven't had them since about two years ago. (That blog post went into some detail about them -- and this point is particularly worth noting: no co


Cluster headaches – back for spring

Oh joy. My cluster headaches are back for spring. In fact they returned on the 1st of September, which Australians consider to be the first day of spring. Boom, just like that. (Previous posts. Doesn't everybody use blog posts to track their personal health history? I know I do.) To recap Cluster headaches are, as Wikipedia describes them: excruciating unilateral headaches of extreme inte

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I’m not a drinker

I've never been a drinker. Oh sure, there were the social pressures in my uni days. But it's a habit I just never picked up. My parents weren't drinkers. My partner isn't a drinker. It's just not my thing. I'm not a teetotaller though. Occasionally (perhaps a few times a year) I'll indulge in a beer or a glass of wine, but (particularly since the discovery that alcohol can sometimes help


Cluster headaches are back for autumn

On Friday night at my sister's place, we were were swapping war stories of head pains. She had a read of the Wikipedia article on cluster headaches and, noting the description, the illustration by J.D.Fletcher, and nickname "suicide headache", she had to admit they piss all over her puny migraines. "Cluster headache is probably the worst pain that humans experience. I know thatโ€™s quite a strong

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Brief things

Computer: I like it when computers reach the point at which a good upgrade is cheap, quick and cheerful. In this case on my two-year-old box, tripling the RAM cost me $45, tripling the hard disk space cost $130. And as the new disk is faster than the old one, I'll take the opportunity to re-install everything onto it, and clear out its sinuses in the process. ... Would have helped if I'd bought th

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Medicinal reasons

I'd been meaning to write about this anyway, but one of Richard's Twitter posts reminded me: If only more medical problems could be solved by simply ingesting more caffeine. The world would be a better place. Indeed. The cluster headaches I suffered from last summer did return this year, but happily the medication has been very effective at curbing them. When there is a twinge over and ab


The spring cluster

Spring has sprung. The weather's getting nicer. My mind has turned to the cluster headaches that I got for the first time at this time last year. I haven't had any again yet, but there's something about the light which just hints that they might be on their way. Or maybe it's just that my memory of them is now so strongly associated with them now. Given that conventional painkillers (to quo

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Yay. My cluster headaches have gone away, for now, even after having gone off the medication. Something to watch out for next spring, as I suspect they'll re-appear then. Funny thing is I had suspected the medication would impede my ability to donate blood. I rang the blood bank and they said no, it's fine, come on in for your appointment. Moments after hanging up, I remembered I wouldn't be ab


Ailments of the week

So far it's not a good month for minor ailments. Last week Jeremy had a coughy-coldy thing; this week Isaac's had it worse, knocking him out of school... thankfully he's got over it in time to go off to camp this morning. As for me, I must have eaten something bad, and my over-sensitive stomach (aka "Bowen Belly") has been at it again overnight. Maybe it was the snags for dinner last night were