Domain tunnel closed. Gridlock? What gridlock?

GRIDLOCK will begin to choke Melbourne's roads from Friday night, but the full impact of bridge and tunnel closures for maintenance won't bite until the New Year. Motorists are being advised to steer clear of the city, or they could experience delays of up to an hour. -- Herald Sun: Traffic chaos expected as West Gate Bridge and CityLink tunnels close, 26/12/2013 Oh noes! The Domain tunne


#EastWestLink “congestion-busting”? They promised that for Citylink, and it wasn’t.

Veteran road industry figure Max Lay made something of a startling admission last week in an opinion piece in The Age on the proposed East West Link: that the intent of major road projects isn't to fix congestion: Opponents play the congestion card, arguing that previous projects have not eliminated congestion, forgetting that this was never their intent. The link will significantly improve the


One look at the planned EW route shows why it would have made yesterday’s #Citylink mess worse, not better

The claims that the East-West link would somehow help the road network cope with yesterday's horrible Citylink accident are truly mystifying. It really does appear as if the motorway boosters have tried to make use of this high-profile event to promote their cause in the hope that nobody thought too much about what they were saying. RACV public policy general manager Brian Negus said the crash


17 years ago, Citylink ads claimed it’d fix our traffic problems. Surprise! It didn’t work.

Tony Abbott apparently doesn't just think more roads can solve traffic, he actually thinks tarmac and cars smothering our cities makes them more liveable. Melbourne suffered traffic gridlock yesterday. It’s very important that the national government fund nationally important infrastructure. I have committed an incoming Coalition government to spending $1.5 billion to kickstart the East West Li


Citylink billing screwup

On the 29th of December I hired a Mini from Hertz as a Christmas present for Marita. So that we could drive on the Citylink tollway, I temporarily added it to my Citylink account. 29/12/2010 12:01pm. Added XPE308 29/12/2010 12:30pm. Travelled on tollway 30/12/2010 10:37am. Removed XPE308 from account I thought no more about it until Monday, when a letter from Hertz arrived, saying t

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M1 blocked, sky falls in

While I realise the shutdown of the M1 eastbound on Tuesday was probably misery for those caught up in it, the lengthy article on it in yesterday's Age I think vastly overstates the impact. The article basically has the road lobby saying that the whole thing doesn't work (and the $1.4 billion of improvements won't last long) and so therefore we should build another one. Because apparently the