Big changes proposed for the City Loop

A Metro (MTM) proposal has emerged for big changes to the operation of the City Loop for trains running through the Caulfield and Burnley tunnels. The page below is from a document discussing CBD station capacity implications from the introduction of the High Capacity Metro Trains. I'm told the document is genuine. It reveals that the Caulfield Loop will be required to run anti-clockwise al

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How many trains in peak compared to the past? And how full are the tracks?

This video is inspired partly by a shot in the House Of Cards titles, and partly by something my dad used to tell me -- that you could stand at Richmond station in the evening peak and see trains on every track coming out of the city. He may have been exaggerating a tad, but it's often been said that in decades past the rail system had more trains running on it than at present. That's tr


Should the City Loop reverse at lunchtime?

It’s taken me longer than I thought to get this post to something approximating shipshape. I’m not sure it’s perfect yet. Reminder: the views expressed on my personal blog do not necessarily represent the views of the PTUA. Following on from previous posts about the Loop, the next question is: Should the City Loop reverse directions at lunchtime? The Loop was built to solve the problems of p


The Loop

I ran this poll on an internal PTUA members' email list. Let's try it here. Here's the context: Trains, particularly in peak hour, are packed. More trains are being purchased, but the decision has to be made about how to deploy them. (Even if it's decided to upgrade infrastructure such as with the proposed new tunnel, that may take a decade to happen.) All trains serve Flinders Street, wh


Flagstaff station turns 25

Next Thursday marks 25 years since the completion of the City Loop. Flagstaff Station was the last loop station to open -- on the 27th of May 1985. It's the only station in Melbourne that is closed on weekends -- being in the middle of the legal precinct, it's a bit quiet around there on Saturdays and Sundays, though there are increasing numbers of residential buildings in the area. It's pro