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Photos from December 2004

The Trugo mural in Yarraville. I added this photo to the Wikipedia article on Trugo, which is a sport believed to have been invented by railway workers in the 1920s. this image from Google Streetview, by 2009 the mural had deteriorated a bit. When I went past recently, they seemed to have patched it up, which is good. I thought I had a snap of it, but I can't find it. From time to time in the


January Calendar shopping – some good ones left if you hunt around a bit

It's about this time of year that I often go calendar shopping. I generally like to have a calendar hanging in the kitchen, and another in the toilet. Sometimes I'll get given them at Christmas, of course -- for last year I was given two excellent ones -- the Melbourne Train Station calendar, and another of old London travel posters. They've been great, but with the new year, I now have t

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Christmas wrap-up

Christmas Day was largely spent with family, eating too much, playing with a giant cushion-like water balloon (which burst when, tragically, nobody was watching/filming) and swapping presents. Our haul this time around included a Wii U, which should be fun, and for my own personal stash I got some great movies on Blu-ray (Help, and The World's End), a rather nice framed original artwork, an exc


Merry Christmas

I don't care if it's the same lot of decorations as last year -- I like 'em. They look rather good at night. And you know what? Their location helps cement Flinders Street Station's cultural importance to our city -- perhaps never moreso than now, with public transport patronage increasing, and rail patronage in particular hitting record highs. We had our family Christmas lunch early --

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Pics from last week

You can tell I don't have a good blog post ready to go when I post a bunch of pictures. Here's a few from last week (that you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter). Mer Chri! -- This was on Thursday night -- by Friday they'd put up the other letters. Below the picture they'd put in supports earlier in the week -- you can see the full set in this picture from last year. They must keep all t


Christmas pics

Here's a pic of some fools taking a shopping trolley on the escalator at Highpoint, where Marita and I managed to do a surgical strike for last-minute presents, and be back on the tram to her place within 30 minutes, before it got stupidly busy this morning. Here's some wrapping paper I bought last week... ...and here, with the brightness and contrast adjusted, is kinda what the wrapping


If Myer went totally online, would the Christmas Windows turn into a web site?

Myer will close stores in Victoria and New South Wales and shrink surviving stores in response to the two-speed economy and online shopping. -- Myer to close or shrink stores as retail malaise bites Remembering that Myer Melbourne has already shrunk in size by about half, this isn't a huge surprise. Sounds like some of the smaller stores will be closed. I can't see it happening, but I