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CFLs – an everyday household object that is almost impossible to dispose of properly

The entire country converted to Compact Fluorescent Light-globes years ago, which is great, as they use much less energy and have a longer life. Well, if you use them properly. For instance I don't use CFLs in the bathroom/toilet, as these lights are generally on for short periods of time, and CFLs are better when used for 15 minutes or longer. And the greenhouse gas reduction might be overs

Going green

When not to use CFLs

Letter the other week in The Age: Not worth the cost AM I the only person having trouble with expensive ''green globes'' alleged to last 10,000 hours? Used eight hours a day, a globe should last more than three years. I have replaced the globe in one lamp four times already this year. I want my cheap, long-lasting, environmentally unfriendly globes back. Leone Garro, Northcote My CFLs

Going green


Lights again. I seem to have reached the point where the first of my compact fluorescent light globes are starting to be replaced. Many of them I installed about two years ago, and most in the house are still going strong. The three that have expired get switched on generally for only short periods of time, which Wikipedia notes can cut the lifespan drastically, and says: The US Energ