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How much ground level parking is there in Melbourne’s CBD?

What's the ultimate waste of space in a city centre? Ground level, single level parking. Along with the access space required to get cars in and out, it's wasted space because apart from perhaps $20-30 per day in revenue, it isn't used for anything. This post from Gordon Price compares a few cities -- the contrast between Houston and Toronto is particularly stark. (There are more in this dis


How to replace a 2000 Astra car key battery

My car key remote went flat. This is a major pain when one is used to the joys of remote key locking. Having to go to the door with the keyhole every time and fumble to get the key into it -- bleuch. I assumed that like most things in the world of cars, I'd have to take the key to a dealer and get some kind of specialist to open it up and replace it with a non-standard Holden battery not gen

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It's time for a cleanout of links and half-written/baked posts. Fascinating for MSM watchers A former Fairfax staffer is starting his own free magazine in collaboration with real estate agents and is expected to win millions in advertising revenue away from Fairfax. Webber's nanny state During the recent furore over Mark Webber's claims Victoria was a nanny state, I remember being puzz


Ready for takeoff

One of the neighbours down the street from me has one of those souped-up Commodores. Bright red, low to the ground, and with a rear spoiler (or "bum enhancement" as Marita calls them). Unlike one of those stupid grunty cars, I can't hear it from inside my house, but still makes a noticeable amount of noise if I'm walking past at the time. In fact when I see him slowly moving down the street


Manual vs auto

Sometimes I ponder if I should have gone ahead and bought a manual car. I can handle it okay, but gears are just another thing to deal with. As summer comes along, one has to remember to rev it a bit more when the aircon's on, otherwise you make an unscheduled stop in Stall City. It also means when Marita's with me, she gets driven everywhere as she doesn't do manuals! (Though she had a go of a

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Stupid grunty cars

Here's a draft of a bulletin I'll send out at some stage after I've taken over as Grand Emperor of the World and established my benevolent dictatorship. Dear owners of stupid grunty noisy cars, I hereby decree that you have three choices for your stupid grunty noisy cars: 1. You may, at your expense, have your car altered to remove the stupid grunty noise; 2. You may have your car sent


The monthly refueling

Tomorrow it will be a month since I last filled up the car with petrol. The tank is almost empty now; I'll fill it up again tonight. Generally I just fill it up when it's getting lowish and it's convenient. Given my consumption isn't high, I don't bother to shop around, and if I see the queue is long, I look for another petrol station. My new car is more efficient than my old car. I know thi


Notes from the commute

Amusing personalised number plate: "AMLOST". Heh. One day, train commuters are going to revolt, form guerrilla groups (which have absolutely nothing to do with me) which strike in the middle of the night, putting back all the "Stand on left / Walk on right" escalator signs. In the mean time, if you're standing on the right on the down escalator and you hear the rapid heavy thump thump thump