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The desire to drive, and how we must counter it

I am discovering that there's some powerful psychology going on when you get a new car. Playing into this for me is that my old car was wearing out, and was getting difficult to drive, plus the change from manual to automatic. This means the new car seems like a breeze to drive. The "new car smell" is real, and somehow makes it seem pleasurable to sit in the driver's seat. The extra fe

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I finally bought a new car

Apologies for the following long ramble about buying a car. The costs of cars (Do I even need one?) My prolonged hunt for a new (used) car got me thinking about how much they have cost me... and how long I've kept them. My first car was a 1993 Mitsubishi Magna (pictured above), which I bought in 1998 for, as far as I remember, $11,800. (In 2018 dollars this is about $19,600) In 2008, b


Rego stickers are *so* last year

Lots of cars still seem to have rego stickers on them, even though they are being phased-out -- you haven't needed to have one on your car since the end of last year. ...from 1 January 2014, Victoria will abolish registration labels for light vehicles, including passenger cars. ... How will people know when they need to pay registration? Although registration stickers will be no long

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Why is Metro allowing this advertising in its stations? – part 2 – Kia #comfortisethis

A couple of years ago I wrote about Nissan Micra ads at Flinders Street Station directly criticising public transport. This time, it's Kia's turn, though it's a little less overt. Spotted at Malvern (as well as other locations, such as South Yarra): You know, I've been using public transport for decades. I've seen people asleep, but I've never, ever had someone fall asleep on my shoulder


Compared: Metro rail tunnel vs East West Road – which is more efficient at moving people? #SpringSt

The way the state budget has been framed in terms of transport was almost inevitable: the East-West motorway (stage 1) vs the Metro Rail Tunnel, with the motorway winning this round. While they are quite different projects, serving (mostly) different markets and (attempting to be) solving different problems, I thought it might be interesting to look at them side-by-side them, based on known


Fast cars

I was trying to get some photos and/or video for a blog post I'm writing. I'm having trouble finding a source for part of the post, so in the meantime here's a snippet of video from the pedestrian overpass above the Nepean Highway at Moorabbin. I might be wrong, but it does appear to me that there's more than one rev head in amongst this lot. But I'd be reluctant to estimate how fast they were


Councils give warnings about overhanging trees blocking footpaths – why not parked cars?

From the City of Glen Eira web site: Property owners are responsible for keeping trees and shrubs under control and trimmed back to ensure pedestrian safety and clear sightlines for drivers. ... If a Council notice is sent requesting that trees or shrubs be trimmed, the work must be completed within 14 days. ... Property owners who do not comply with a notice within 14 days will be issu

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Lock up your motors

My neighbour Bob had his car broken into this morning. He said he heard noises outside and went out to find a bloke smashing up the steering wheel and console, apparently trying to hotwire it. When the bloke realised Bob was out there he shouted "I'm coming out mate, I'm coming out!" He did so, pushed past Bob and ran down the street. Sounds like the bloke wanted to avoid a physical confrontati


Car servicing: dealer or elsewhere?

The other week my right hand car mirror lost its glass. I have no idea why. I had adjusted it because I noticed it was out of alignment, then a minute or two later, it fell off and shattered while driving. Bizarro. I put a temporary $6 concave mirror on it, and in the process walked into Autobarn for possibly the first and last time ever. But the broken mirror provided the impetus to go get