More bustitution thoughts

In the mainstream media, they have word limits. Even online, they have to keep it succinct. Blogs have no such limits, so I apologise not only for revisiting this topic again, but also for rambling on so long. Bustitution looms again over the summer, with large scale rail closures on the Mernda line underway now, and the Cranbourne/Pakenham, Gippsland and Frankston lines to be replaced by buse


Bustitution looms again

Just a quick one as I've been very busy, and have also had a bad cold, so haven't felt like much writing. The next lot of major bustitution is upon us from Saturday morning, and including all of next week: no trains between the City and Caulfield. You'll recall that at Easter, this was a complete mess. Have they learnt from that? Yes, I'm told they looked very closely at how it went, tho


Temporary track to minimise disruptions

I think this is quite clever. When trains or trams are partially closed for planned works, generally the less of the route is disrupted, the better. But this is always limited by the placement of turnaround facilities. Witness the current Sandringham line closure: the major works are at South Yarra, but because (despite what was said beforehand) the infrastructure issue at Elsternwick hasn'


Train Pain

If you were following me on Twitter on Monday morning, you'd know that I made a decision I came to regret: I travelled to work on the train to Caulfield and the express rail replacement bus into the City. In short: the buses were hopelessly swamped by people. It was a long wait (43 minutes) in the bus queue; then a bus trip from Caulfield to the City that took more than an hour. The trip th


On the buses

I've been on a break at home, having a rest and trying to get stuff done around the house. Alas, this is now at an end, and while I guess I've had a rest, I certainly haven't got all the stuff I planned done. And people telling me "nobody ever does" isn't helping. My break was timed to miss most of the big south-east rail shutdown. Moorabbin (Frankston line) and Westall (Dandenong line)


Why shut down trains in December? Because there’s something even bigger coming in January

For the past five days -- from 8:30pm last Thursday, to last night (Tuesday) -- the Belgrave, Lilydale, Alamein and Glen Waverley lines were replaced by buses between the city and Camberwell/Darling. The new signalling for Richmond to Burnley is all commissioned and ready for service.— Vicsig (@vicsig) December 5, 2017 Thankfully it's over now. But it was a

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Heading to the wild, wild west (Cornwall)

(Backdated. Posted 16/8/2017) We bade our farewells to the family and my uncle K gave us a lift to Taunton station. First step to our next destination was a train to Exeter, or to be precise, Exeter St Davids. As with Bath a few days earlier, Exeter is served by multiple railway stations, originally built by different railway companies. Exeter Central is, as the name would suggest, more c


How many catch V/Line in peak hour?

Last night on the TV news they seemed to be struggling for an accurate figure of how many were affected by the closure of the Geelong line. One said "hundreds", another said "up to a thousand". Figures on V/Line's web site, which summarise the number of people on each train so you can plan your trip to avoid the packed ones, indicate that about three thousand catch the Geelong line each peak ho