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Elizabeth Street tram works / #RoadMorons invade the Bourke Street Mall

Works on the new Elizabeth Street tram platform stops are going full steam ahead. This is significant, because with the rollout of the new E-class trams onto route 96, it's expected some low-floor trams will be available for the first time on Elizabeth Street, at last providing accessible services from the CBD to the Hospital Precinct. (You'd think this would have been prioritised before, wouldn


On the trams

Live -- from a tram stop in the Bourke Street Mall The latest in high-contrast, high-resolution semi-permanent destination displays While it looks like it's good from a tram operations point of view, it's also not hard to see why people such as Paul Mees see the Melbourne University tram terminus/shunting yard as poor urban design, fencing off a large section of Swanston Street. (See: Pe

Morons on the road

In pictures… Road Morons

One can only hope that (a) the idiots didn't hit anybody as they sped through the Mall, and that (b) those that do this kind of thing get pulled over for it. (1:21pm on Monday) As you can see from Google Streetview, there is signage/road markings indicating that when coming westbound on Bourke Street, motorists shouldn't enter the tram stop -- they should do a U-turn and go back.