Server hiccup

If you can see this, then (hopefully) things are getting back to normal. A server move was in the offing, but part of it happened sooner than I thought, effectively taking the site offline, and I didn't have time earlier to fix it. Long story. Please leave a comment if you see any more weirdness. By the way, may I recommend FreeDNS if you need to temporarily point a domain to somewhere ot


Rating comments

A day off today. Rather clear out junk from the house, I've tried installing a comments rating system. If you like a comment, you can click the green Thumbs Up; if you dislike it, you can click the red Thumbs Down. Looks like it won't let you vote on a comment posted from the same IP address you're at. Feedback welcome. (For more about comments on this blog, see the comment rules) U

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Some silly things

A fire in Springvale, to which the CFA responds. C'mon, Springvale. What is this, 1960? East of Westall Road isn't paddocks anymore. Surely it's time to re-draw the MFB/CFA boundaries? The metro/country taxi boundaries are similar, aren't they? Time for an update. Odd. I found a quarterly magazine that retails for $7, but is $44 per year by subscription?! What's with those fake Tintin t-s