Yesterday on the way to work I saw two people, both of whom were carrying nothing more than a banana.


Is this the done thing nowadays? In this time of expensive bananas, it is some kind of status symbol or something?

Time to go shopping

Both my digital camera and my electric shaver are on their last legs, in need of replacement.

I don’t think either has done too badly.

The Canon A70 camera was bought in April 2003, and from memory cost me about $600 at the time. The technology has got better and cheaper, and I expect a replacement (hell yes I’ll get another Canon) will cost about a third of that amount, and certainly won’t require 4 AA batteries to run.

The Philishave 6867 shaver was, as I recall, bought in 2002. From memory it cost a bit under $200. It too has gone the distance, though a couple of years ago the battery started misbehaving, making it necessary to shave while plugged into the mains. Now however one of the heads has broken, so it’s at two-thirds capacity.

Sadly Choice magazine hasn’t reviewed men’s shavers since 2004, but I’d happily buy Philips again.

Also in the land of consumerism, I invested in two bananas yesterday. At $11.98/kg, the two of them cost $4.65. Ouch. Tasty though.

Oh yeah, I also have to buy new shoes. I hate buying shoes.