Time to go shopping

Both my digital camera and my electric shaver are on their last legs, in need of replacement.

I don’t think either has done too badly.

The Canon A70 camera was bought in April 2003, and from memory cost me about $600 at the time. The technology has got better and cheaper, and I expect a replacement (hell yes I’ll get another Canon) will cost about a third of that amount, and certainly won’t require 4 AA batteries to run.

The Philishave 6867 shaver was, as I recall, bought in 2002. From memory it cost a bit under $200. It too has gone the distance, though a couple of years ago the battery started misbehaving, making it necessary to shave while plugged into the mains. Now however one of the heads has broken, so it’s at two-thirds capacity.

Sadly Choice magazine hasn’t reviewed men’s shavers since 2004, but I’d happily buy Philips again.

Also in the land of consumerism, I invested in two bananas yesterday. At $11.98/kg, the two of them cost $4.65. Ouch. Tasty though.

Oh yeah, I also have to buy new shoes. I hate buying shoes.