Stamps going up to $1

What can you buy for $1? You certainly can't buy a newspaper. The Herald Sun costs $1.40 on weekdays; The Age costs $2.50; The Australian is $2.70. So I'm finding it difficult to be too outraged at standard stamps going up to $1. In fact this letter in Saturday's Age perfectly sums up how I feel about it: For $1, I can send a letter from the most out-of-the-way PO in the local store in Vi

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Post delivery by tram

For some time - since well before the introduction of the Free Tram Zone - I've seen uniformed Australia Post employees with small delivery carts on board trams in central Melbourne. At first I wondered if this was a good use of space on a tram, given how crowded they can get. But I think it's arguable that it's Australia Post being smart about moving (at least some) letters and parcels


The new Melbourne GPO – not as appealing as the old one, but perhaps more useful

The Melbourne General Post Office was built in the 1860s, and served as GPO until 2001. Nowadays it's a shopping centre. Australia Post moved its retail operations a little north, to the other side of Little Bourke Street, with a big (but no doubt cheaper to run) Post Shop. Now that too has closed, in favour of a new one a little further north again, on the corner of Lonsdale Street. I a


The Post Office are agents for some mob called “Telecom Australia”

At the post office... no wonder the queues are so long; they even sell lollies now (though I'm not convinced many people are buying them). ...and of course, they're also agents for some mob nobody remembers called Telecom Australia. Wikipedia reckons the Telecom Australia brand was phased-out in 1995, so the sign is only 17 years out of date.


Guide dogs accepted

Sometimes when I don't have a blog post ready to go -- either because I'm halfway through writing something, or I just can't think of anything to post -- I'll instead post a photo or two that I've taken. Here's today's. I can't help feeling that this sign would scan better if it said "excepted" instead of "accepted". But I suppose it still works. It's not just an Australia Post thing; I have


The secret door

I only go into the post office for three reasons. 1. To buy postage (either stamps, or to send packages). 2. To pick up parcels. 3. To renew my post office box. (And in fact I think you can pay that online these days.) I don't understand the people that go to pay endless numbers of bills, not to mention buy the other crap they seem to sell in post offices these days -- anything from pr