Sydney 2018, Toxic Custard newsletter

The noise of art

Backdated. Posted 24/5/2018 Sydney getaway continued. First stop: a bakery in the Queen Victoria Building, the spectacular 19th century shopping arcade, where we grabbed some croissants for breakfast. Then to Town Hall Station to hop on a train to inner-city Redfern. A short walk from Redfern Station is Carriageworks, a former... well, railway carriage workshop, where there's a farmers ma

Sydney 2014, Toxic Custard newsletter

Sydney trip day 2: Friday

Posted 12/11/2014. Backdated to 7/11/2014. On the morning of day two in Sydney, after a sleep-in, we breakfasted. I'd looked at UrbanSpoon and concluded that every venue reviewed has its share of whingers -- it's a matter of identifying who is complaining about Real Stuff and who is complaining about trivia or a freak bad experience. The Royal in Darlinghurst seemed to have fewer whingers than

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New sculpture: W-class tram

Speaking of sculpture, there's a rather splendid new one at the corner of Spencer and Flinders Streets -- a full-size replica of a W-class tram. Officially titled "Raising the Rattler Pole - The Last of the Connies", it was installed last week, and when I went by a day or two later, appeared to be getting a lot of interest from passers-by. There's a fair bit of (not necessarily accur

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How to find the transport mural at Southern Cross Station

Before you go looking for it, be sure to read the updates at the bottom. The gigantic transport mural was perhaps one of the best features of the old Spencer Street station. By Harold Freedman, it depicts the first century of Victoria's transport -- from 1835 to 1935. It was commissioned by the state government in 1973, and unveiled in 1978. Following the rebuilding and (pointless) renam


A little experiment in visual art

When I visit the data centre for work, I get my photo taken for a visitor pass. It's often on a Friday -- casual clothes day. The camera (and/or the printer) is black & white, low-resolution, and slightly awkwardly placed. For some reason, the visitor passes have been accumulating in my desk drawer. Here are the pictures from some of them, stuck together. They were a little repetitiv

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Metro mosaic

The mural at Patterson station that I noted some time ago has now been completed and officially opened. It includes a rather neat mosaic version of the Metro logo: (zoom) More faces contributed by (mostly) local community groups and schools have been added. Note Bender from Futurama in there. (zoom) Apparently they got sponsorship from Bostick for sticking everything to the wall