According to iOS6 maps, North Melbourne station is in South Melbourne, Collingwood Station is in the CBD

In the Apple Store at Southland the other day, I noticed they had all the iDevices maps set to satellite.

It wasn’t hard to see why — it took all of a minute or two to find some glaring errors in the street maps. It’s not just that tram lines are completely missing; they’ve put whole railway stations in the wrong suburbs.

Apple maps: Glenhuntly Railway Station is in Elsternwick

Apple Maps: North Melbourne Station is in South Melbourne

Apple Maps: Collingwood Railway Station is at Melbourne Central, and there's a petrol station in Elizabeth St

It’s been well over a month since iOS6 was released… I wonder how long it’ll take them to fix this stuff?

How do mistakes like this even happen?

Lonsdale House

Lonsdale House, pictured in early February.
Lonsdale House, shortly before demolition

Check the tower. Isn’t that great?

Here’s how the site looks now it’s gone.
Site of the former Lonsdale House

Okay, it wasn’t real art deco, it was just an art deco facade on a Victorian building. See comments

But it does seem a shame that at least the facade couldn’t have been kept with the new development — which is to be a shrine to Steve Jobs. That’s right, it’s being replaced by an Apple store and yet more shops.