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Sydney day 4, and wrap-up

Backdated. Posted 17/11/2014. Day 4 -- Sunday Not much to report. Breakfast at Darlinghurst's Jekyll & Hyde -- which was a bit meh. M's order came with unwanted eggs, which I adopted. Afterwards I realised it was one of the breakfast places I'd ruled out because some of its Urbanspoon reviews didn't sound that great (though it had a respectable score of 89). I'd happily go back to The Bu

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Sydney trip day 1: Thursday

Posted 10/11/2014. Backdated to 6/11/2014. On Thursday I flew up to Sydney for a few days. After umming and ahhing about whether I should take a small backpack or a wheely-case (I opted for the latter), I caught the train into the city and Skybus to the Airport -- pretty quick and easy, thanks to each having frequent services, though the PTV online timetables don't seem to know that trains from

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Could High Speed Rail from Melbourne to Sydney be as fast as air travel?

The Federal government's High Speed Rail study assumes a route from Melbourne via Canberra to Sydney of between 823 and 842 km (mostly following existing highways), with trains reaching up to 350 km/h, and a three hour trip time from Melbourne to Sydney. Some people who argue against the idea like to claim there is no way this estimated three hour travel time could be competitive with air,


Australia’s airport trains and buses compared

I've done a quick comparison of the main airport to CBD public transport in Australia's biggest cities. Brisbane and Sydney have trains at premium fares. Perth and Adelaide have normal route buses. Melbourne has a premium bus. CityMELSYDBNEADLPER ModeBusTrainTrainBusBus Distance (km)23813613 Travel time2010232338 Peak freq107151515 Off-peak freq1010301530 Weekend fr


Water taps

I've seen these water taps in hospitals and airports. It's great that they're provided, but the problem with them is you basically have to stick your head into the wall to get a drink out of them. So if you're not very coordinated, you'll probably bump it, as the space isn't overly generous. Surely they could provide just a little bit of space outwards -- or upwards -- to make it easier