Some operators DO know how to advertise frequent services

I've droned on and on about the importance of frequency in public transport services. I recently pondered why Metro don't promote their every-10-minutes service from Newport via the City to Frankston. Some of the operators do understand that waiting time is critical, and do advertise when they put on extra services, and/or run frequent services. I recently participated at a session a


If your team is out, who are you going for?

If your team is out, who are you going for? First. I'm a Geelong fan, so I'm going for them, of course. Go Cats! What of the others? Equal second. I'd have rated the Dogs or the Saints equally. Both underdogs. I have a girlfriend who lives in Footscray, and a good friend who is a big Dogs fan, but I have a sister who goes for the Saints, and I grew up in St Kilda. Since the Saints won las


Old names

Was just watching the footy and noticed that the Sydney Swans have the initials of their old name -- SMFC -- on their jumpers near the back of the neck. Had previously noticed that the Bulldogs also have this -- FFC. Collingwood doesn't seem to have it. How many other teams do? Is it a heritage thing? Only the teams that have changed their names? Maybe the footy experts reading will know. Hm