Some operators DO know how to advertise frequent services

I’ve droned on and on about the importance of frequency in public transport services. I recently pondered why Metro don’t promote their every-10-minutes service from Newport via the City to Frankston.

Some of the operators do understand that waiting time is critical, and do advertise when they put on extra services, and/or run frequent services.

Tram promotion: More trams to the beach

Skybus city hotel shuttle

I recently participated at a session at the Wheeler Centre on transport. As you’ll see from the video (specifically from the 5:30 mark), I make an example of (err, that might not be the right phrase) my friend Tony, who lives close to Deer Park station, but never catches the train from there to the football, not even when his team is playing at Etihad… even though the train is (almost) express, they’re comfortable V/Line trains with nice seats and better customer service than Metro (conductors), and it’s a bargain at $3.30 return on weekends and public holidays.

The problem is the timetable is hopeless, making it unusable. V/Line has frequencies of roughly one train per hour, and every second one doesn’t stop at Deer Park. Arrivals in the City don’t suit game times, so you either arrive hopelessly early, or late for the first bounce.

The infrastructure, the fleet, they’re all there, but the frequency isn’t. It’s crap.

And alas, the instances of high-frequency services worth promoting are in the minority. But where they exist, they’re worth shouting about, to help ensure they succeed.


Magpies causing trouble

No sooner had the Magpies won yesterday than they were out causing trouble in Footscray, swooping the dog.

Magpies causing trouble, swooping the dog

Mind you the dog didn’t seem to mind.


If your team is out, who are you going for?

If your team is out, who are you going for?

First. I’m a Geelong fan, so I’m going for them, of course. Go Cats!

What of the others?

Equal second. I’d have rated the Dogs or the Saints equally. Both underdogs. I have a girlfriend who lives in Footscray, and a good friend who is a big Dogs fan, but I have a sister who goes for the Saints, and I grew up in St Kilda. Since the Saints won last night, they’d be my number two team this Finals season.

Besides, anybody but Collingwood.


Old names

Was just watching the footy and noticed that the Sydney Swans have the initials of their old name — SMFC — on their jumpers near the back of the neck. Had previously noticed that the Bulldogs also have this — FFC.

Collingwood doesn’t seem to have it. How many other teams do? Is it a heritage thing? Only the teams that have changed their names? Maybe the footy experts reading will know.

Hmm, I wonder if there are present-day teams from Kerang or Korrumburra that go by the initials KFC.