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Old photos from June 2008

Here's another in my series of old photos from ten years ago... this time, June 2008. You might remember that Frank Woodley did TV ads for Metlink, to encourage bus usage. Here's the cartoon version, on a bus stop. Speaking of advertising, I quite liked this ad for the Get Smart movie (originally posted here). Come to think of it, I've still never seen the movie. Hitachi train, sporti

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Photos from last week

The hi fi box was a big hit with my niece (and nephew) Having obtained a government-provided "boarding pass" (they were handed out with some MXs -- I missed out but managed to get one via Kev, who saved it for me), I went searching for the airport rail link. Strangely enough it wasn't listed on the network status board. A while back I bought some shirts from that Charles Tyrwhitt mob who

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Airport rail begins here… well, eventually, maybe

There's some big news on the East West Link today, with Labor saying that if the Supreme Court agrees with the Cities of Moreland and Yarra that the planning approval was invalid, they will rip up the contracts if elected. Read all about it here in The Age. But meanwhile... Lots of ads for the Airport rail link have gone up around Southern Cross Station in the last few days. Yest

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Spot the difference – transport advertising in the lead-up to elections

I was thinking the government ads about transport upgrades back in 2009-10 (Labor) are pretty similar to 2014 (Coalition). How would it be if I got them both and dubbed the audio of one over the video of another? The 2010 version is mostly about trains; the 2014 one has been chopped a tad to remove around 15 seconds that was about East West Link. But it's surprising how well they fit. (T


Train window ads – what about visibility?

I'm not against advertising on public transport. It brings in much-needed revenue and helps subsidise services. But it shouldn't be intrusive. Bus and tram passengers have had to get used to ads on windows of vehicles over many years, but it's only in the last couple of years that it's become prominent on trains. It seems to be applied with a semi-transparent film. Generally they seem to

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Why is Metro allowing this advertising in its stations? – part 2 – Kia #comfortisethis

A couple of years ago I wrote about Nissan Micra ads at Flinders Street Station directly criticising public transport. This time, it's Kia's turn, though it's a little less overt. Spotted at Malvern (as well as other locations, such as South Yarra): You know, I've been using public transport for decades. I've seen people asleep, but I've never, ever had someone fall asleep on my shoulder

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“If someone’s abused on this train, let them know you’re on their side.” – Train ads address racism on PT

I assume this Anti-Hate advertising campaign from the Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission is a response to some well-publicised incidents recently: The small print says: The only thing more painful than racism is the silence that follows. If someone's abused on this train, let them know you're on their side. Help stop the hurt. So are they encouraging people to give the racis


Is there enough promotion of the good stuff in PT?

I was pondering awareness of a couple of things, so decided to try a quick online survey. Over about 24 hours it got just over 100 responses... unfortunately unless I pay SurveyMonkey $19 per month, they'll only tell me about the first 100. I think I'll just go with those for now. (Some people didn't respond to questions, which is why the totals add up to 98.) Firstly, I asked about Weekend Sav


Clever placement of #MetroTrains #DumbWaysToDie characters in stations

A lot of the unfortunate jellybean characters are depicted around CBD railway stations at the moment as part of Metro's Dumb Ways To Die campaign. I was amused at the placement of this one: ...but this one is even better. (Only a short video -- don't bother with the sound; it adds nothing.) Perhaps I'm easily amused, but that did make me laugh. Very clever.


Competing #Myki top-up adverts

Noted at Flinders Street Station the other week, on one of those automatic rotating advertisement things: competing ads for Myki. "Even the shortest queue can be avoided with Myki auto topup" A few seconds later: "Top-up at 7-Eleven now!" (The third ad in the sequence was not Myki-related... after that it flipped back and repeated the two above.) Interestingly, some 7-Eleven advert