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The ABC Shops to close

Warning! No transport content! If you only want to see transport blog posts, you can use this URL, or sign up to the email alerts! My first recollection of the ABC Shop in Melbourne was a small space in their then Lonsdale Street radio HQ, which was where the County Court is now -- on the corner of Queen Street. I think it's where I got the 1983 Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special book (a lo


Yes, train punctuality has increased – thanks to timetable padding

One day until the state election. They do great work, and it's rather good to see the ABC's Fact Check unit looking at Victorian issues just before the election. A couple of days ago they did a segment on train punctuality: The claim: Denis Napthine says his Government has "improved train punctuality". The verdict: With punctuality running at over 92 per cent across the Metro network,


Not live, from studio 13 at Gordon Street

A little while ago I bought myself the Collected Shaun Micallef -- a box set of numerous shows of his, including The Micallef P(r)ogram(me). The kids and I have been watching our way through it. I remembered that I had gone to a recording of the show, but had no idea which episode it was. The other night it became very obvious that it had been the final episode of season 2 -- in a sketch parody

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My blabbering in the TARDIS

Deep within the bowels of the ABC studios at Southbank... ...there is a Triple J studio called "TARDIS". Well, recording booths. I discovered that they're not bigger on the inside. I was there the other day at lunchtime. My blabbering has shown up as part of a Triple J "Hack" story on the costs of public transport vs cars. Turns out it's possible to tour the ABC Southbank studi


Some further thoughts on Digital TV

High Definition-only channels ABC News 24 was the first HD-only channel. There's more on the way: Channel 7's offering aimed at the male demographic "7-Mate" will also be HD-only. Channel 10's new "Eleven" will be SD, but it will replace the SD version of their sports channel "One". There are rumours Channel 9 will launch a new channel next year, and inevitably that'll be HD-only, give

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ABC News 24 – utopia for news junkies?

The ABC's 24 hour news channel, imaginatively named "ABC News 24" will launch on Thursday 22nd of July. Apparently they've been racing to try and be running before the Federal Election is called. Apart from the looping promo now running on the channel-to-be, ABC1 is awash with promos, including the tag line "Events don't wait, and now you don't have to." Which would make sense if the cha


Incorrect assumptions

You know when you have some of the information, and the brain tries to fill in the blanks? Many times I seemed to be watching Lateline, and a report from Norman Hermant would come on, often from Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East. He works for the ABC, but has an American accent. For whatever reason, they never seemed to show his face. My brain decided that he was black. He was a brainy


ABC web site useable again

I noticed the other day that the ABC Local web sites were down for maintenance. They got a revamp in mid-2008 that left it incredibly messy. Apart from the garish green and black colours, it was impossible to find things. It's like they forgot that they're most often promoted via the ABC Local Radio stations; finding programme information and clips was really difficult, lost in a sea of link


Red Dwarf – they thought it was an arts programme

You want comedy? I'll show you comedy. When British sci-fi comedy show Red Dwarf came on the scene, the ABC programmers didn't know what to do with it. First they put it on Saturday afternoons, as a filler. The following year, the summer of 1990-91, they aired it again, this time as part of the Sunday afternoon arts coverage. Because, y'know, it fits in well with programmes about Mozart and

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Digital TV

I had a dream last night that hundreds of new TV channels showed up on digital TV tuners. Weird. I haven't yet upgraded to digital TV. I'm in the unfortunate position of: (a) having bought a 4:3 CRT TV at precisely the wrong time, about 7 years ago, just before the prices plummeted when widescreen LCDs and plasmas went mainstream, and apart from occasionally having a flickering line at the t