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One Reply to “Comment rules”

  1. I’ve read your posts with interest and note that you mention The Leader story on my shop, Mad Flowers McKinnon struggles to survive during level crossing works.
    The story now….
    I sacraficed, altered my business plan, sold off personal items just to hang in there until the project was completed.
    Eventually I had to start selling shop fittings. It broke my heart that even with all the sacrafices my kids and I had made, to keep my beautiful shop going that at the end of trade Mothers Day 2016 (after 3 years of trade) I closed the doors for the last time. The level crossing project had killed my business along with 35 others in Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh. I’m angry that LCRP did not listen to traders concerns. I’m angry and dissappointed that Nick Staikos our local MP was always unavailable to speak us. Im angry, dissappointed and DISGUSTED with our local upperhouse member MP Philip Dalidakis Minister for small business considered us collateral damage. I’m even more angry to see exactly the same lies are being told to the Cheltenham traders/ residents regarding their LCRP. I fully expect that all the communities in LCRP areas are having the same experience. Schools, kinders and sports clubs in these suburbs planning their usual fundraising activities through donations from local businesses……yeah good luck with that!

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