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Have you ever noticed how in the supermarket the check-out chicks/ blokes sometimes have to ask the customer what a fruit is so they can enter the code? Okay, to be fair, I don't know what half the stuff is, especially those really bizarre fruits like the star shaped ones and the small round hairy ones... but then, it's not my job to know. Ask me a computer question instead. They could always pu

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Away on business

Phew, it's good to be home. Two days away on a business trip/getaway/team building exercise/workshop thingy, out in the sticks. Well, okay, out in Eltham, which used to be the sticks and is now the outer outer suburbs. So not quite a getaway from the city, but almost. I got a lift with a workmate, and am in the unique position this week of having been in this week's MORON OF THE WEEK's car. The a

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Indoor soccer

With the bulk of people on my project at work departing at the end of the month, a plethora of social activities have been scheduled to make sure we miss each other all the more after September. Lunches, barbecues, wine tours, cancelled ski weekends... and this week, indoor soccer is scheduled. And when I play, I am going to be very very careful indeed. Why? Let me explain. It's been about two y

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Job hunting

Over the past few weeks it has become apparent at work that our project has a limited lifespan. At the time of writing it is probable that many of us will need to go looking for jobs. And we've risen to the challenge. Resumes have started popping up everywhere; on people's screens, on the printer, on the fax machine. Management are aware of this. In fact, I think some of them are looking for jobs

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This week was definitely the most interesting week at work ever. The events surrounding the beta trial of the software we're developing have been fascinating. Most of my colleagues who are reading this know exactly what I'm talking about. The rest will know exactly what I'm talking about when I mention the number three. Unfortunately for the rest of you, I'm probably not able to reveal exactly wh

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I went to the PC show last week. That's one of the perks of being a "computer professional" - you get to go to a big building, walk around for a couple of hours with your friends having brochures stuffed in your face, then go and claim it on your time-sheet. The PC show is a trade show. That's what they tell everyone. I presume it's to keep Joe "technologically challenged" &q

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I just went to a seminar. I like seminars. Seminars are good. For those of you who are still at university, or are otherwise not reputable hard-working citizens, here's a quick description of how seminars happen. First, some bright spark decides he can charge companies a few hundred bucks to get them to send their people to a glorified slide-show. For this he will hire at least one (1) Expert, a

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Yep, I've changed jobs. My last day at Telecom was on Friday. And of course it was full of all the sort of stuff that happens at a job on the last day. The last supper (well, okay, the last lunch) where everyone turns up to stuff their faces. (Except the Melways-disadvantaged, who somehow managed to misread perfectly clear directions and head for the entirely wrong end of Bourke Street). And let

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Photocopiers. Another example of a good idea, implemented by complete sadists. I mean honestly... does it really need to have that many buttons? And do they have to have all those little symbols all over them? Surely it would be easier if each button just actually SAID what it was for. "Do the copy now", rather than just being big, blank, and green. And the thing about the photocopier i