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Happy with work

"In the mansion of life, we can't all be the state bedroom. Someone's gotta be the outside bog, and that's you!" -- Vince, in Pratt Outta Hell, by Ben Elton I wonder how many people are happy with the job they're in, and how many are just killing time/earning some bucks while they work towards something else? I don't mean people who are progressing naturally through their chosen career, but are

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Bowen belly

Unbelievably, just hours after lamenting with Marita about how some of us in the Bowen family are prone to upset tummies, I felt the same myself. The Bowen belly had struck yet again, though not as badly as some other times. This comes after my sister and her toddler were struck down with something last week. Why are we so delicate? Beats me. So having lost a couple of hours' sleep overnight

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Bizarre thought #574: In the building where I work, there's a security guard who is sometimes seen wandering about the place. He looks kind of top-heavy, like he's got a lot of upper-body muscle. For some reason it reminds me of an old video game I once had back on my Commodore 64: Ultima II, which had fighters who looked like that. When I wrote the Ultima clone in high school, I used a similar

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Stupid machine

Stupid damn printer/fax machine/copier. I put a document in to fax, and punched in the fax number. 7010 2168 (or something like that). But I hadn't set it to Fax mode. It decided it was in Copier mode, but will only allow three digits for the number of copies, so it started printing 168 copies of my 4 page document. Thankfully I was able to cancel the job before it used up a whole tree. A li

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Friday casual day

Sometimes I find Friday's casual day a stress. I find normal weekdays easier -- any idiot can look half-decent in an expensive suit. (Have I told you about my suit? It's really nice. It was pricey though. It's so expensive that it doesn't have a pocket for small change. The makers must have presumed it would be worn by kings and presidents, who never have to carry money.) Last Friday I th

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At home today

At home for the second time this week. On Tuesday I worked from home on purpose, as things in the office were quiet and I needed to do some stuff on a side-project web site. Today however, Isaac woke up with a whopping 39.5 temperature. This managed to coincide with the work computer system being very ill indeed (database refusing connections: "No. I'm not going to connect you. I don't like you

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Busy working from home

Ah, the joys of working from home. Last night 9pm deployment, then conference call until (yawn) 1am as things on a related system went a little askew. This morning, more of the same. Monitoring systems on one screen, blogging on another, listening to conference call on speakerphone/mute. If things calm down a bit later, maybe I can catch up on sleep. And the washing-up.

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No more Mr Nice Guy

The ATO isn't playing nice anymore. Okay, so I admit I haven't been sending in their infuriatingly frequent monthly forms on time. (When the government introduced GST, they trumpeted it would be a simpler tax system. What they meant was simpler for them. Not so simple if you're one of the Cursed who now has to fill in a form every month.) So far I've got away with the late forms, the only re

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Over the years, I've grown to like tea immensely. I've moved from not liking tea, to liking bog standard teabags, to preferring particular types of teabags such as Irish Breakfast, to being in a state of distress when there's no leaf tea in the house. The tea at work has generally been a few steps behind, with corporate policy apparently favouring the coffee drinkers (who, to be fair, are proba