Sydney 2006

So long Sydney

(Written and posted on Sunday 12/11/2006, but backdated to the day it happened.) And so our last day in Sydney dawned. Thankfully the weather had improved immeasurably, and after breakfast we checked-out (more about the total bill later), left our luggage in storage at the hotel (I'd checked -- Central Station has no luggage lockers) and caught a train down to Circular Quay. We grabbed

Sydney 2006

Not gone to Gowings – Gowings is gone

(Written and posted on Friday 10/11/2006, but backdated to the day it happened.) After another buffet breakfast, we set out for a walk around Sydney's CBD. One of my criteria for hotels was walking distance to plenty of attractions; it avoids a lot of hassle with fares for transport if you just want to wander around. (It might be worth noting that while Sydney's public transport fares seem f

Sydney 2006

Sunday in Sydney

(Written and posted on Thursday 9/11/2006, but backdated to the day it happened.) It was a pretty good night's sleep in our small room, and we got showered and dressed and went down to avail ourselves of the hotel breakfast. We all quickly warmed to the idea of helping themselves to all the toast, cereal, scrambled eggs, bacon and so on that our bellies could handle -- no doubt a big part of th

Sydney 2006

Setting off for Sydney

(Written and posted on Wednesday 8/11/2006, but backdated to the day it happened.) On Saturday I ran around packing up my big backpack full of stuff. We needed clothes for the four days, plus the usual bathroom supplies, plus a book each to read while bored in airports or in the hotel. I also packed my iPod to listen to after the kids had gone to bed. We set off a bit before 2pm, walking dow

Sydney 2006

Off to Sydney

I'm off to Sydney today for a few days with the kids, on the trip I booked in July. Hoping to walk across the harbour bridge, ride the monorail and the ferries, go to Tooronga Zoo, all that good stuff. Hopefully the flight home won't be a long saga of delays like the last couple of times. PS. Tuesday 10pm. Back. Had a good time. Will post in excruciating detail over the next few days, as

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How much are Frequent Flyer points worth?

I've been planning some activity for my many frequent flyer points, many tens of thousands of which were earnt over several years of paying for childcare on a credit card several years ago. It adds up, I can tell you. Firstly I'll be jaunting down to Hobart for a few days in October with Marita. Then I'll be taking the kids on a little holiday over the Melbourne Cup long weekend. Their preferre