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Singapore day 4: the zoo, the prang and the architecture

We were meeting my sister and her family (also in town for the wedding) to catch a shuttle bus to the Singapore Zoo for breakfast. Not just any breakfast - breakfast with the orangutans. Yep, you get to eat a buffet breakfast while apes frolic nearby. Have I mentioned that Singapore is the land of buffet meals? During a week's holiday, we had buffet breakfasts, buffet lunch, buffet dinner... al

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Singapore day 3: Little India, art deco overload

Our destination today was Little India, which we reached via MRT of course -- the hotel is closest to City Hall station, but only slightly further to Clarke Quay, which is just a few stops from Little India. The Lonely Planet book we had recommended a specific walk, so we set out, admiring the historic colourful buildings, taking in the sights, sounds and smells, and getting very sweaty in the

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Singapore day 2: Museum, Raffles, Garden

All Singapore holiday posts. Click on pictures below to zoom. Our hotel booking didn't include breakfast, and while I like a hotel buffet, we decided to look elsewhere for a morning feed. Being downtown, there should be plenty of options, and after some walking around we found a bakery in the Raffles Centre shopping mall nearby. Back in the hotel, I'd given up on finding a Singtel SIM, and d

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Singapore here we come

(This post backdated. See all Singapore trip posts on this link) As I previously mentioned, we were invited to my cousin's wedding in Singapore, so we decided to go for the week. Why Singapore? A distribution of family between Belgium, Singapore and Australia. It was very cold when setting out -- only about 3 degrees -- so I found a combination of clothes that'd keep me warm on the way to th

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A day in Maldon

A day (and night) in the countryside began by heading out of Melbourne in the car. I learnt a lesson on the way, somewhere near Sunshine: if you're going to try and overtake (well, "undertake") a truck on the left from a standing start, be at the front of the queue at the lights AND have plenty of space. The lane ended sooner than I thought, and the cars in front took off slowly. Thankfully the

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A week in Singapore

In a couple of months I'm going to Singapore for a week, for my cousin's wedding. Any recommendations? Things to see and do? (The wedding itself is on Sentosa Island, at one of the resorts.) It's been ages since I've been overseas. What's the best way to organise mobile/data coverage? What's the shopping like? Is it like some Asian cities where you can find good cheap suits? Hmm, what

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Comparing Sydney to Melbourne in transport and urban planning

Each time I travel (which isn't often enough), I note the things that are different, and the things we can learn from. From my most recent short trip to Sydney, here are some notes -- not an exhaustive study, but just some observations. Central Station is a rabbit warren compared to Flinders Street Station, though FSS may veer that way when the new underground platforms are built as part

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Short Sydney trip day 3: Geeks galore

Posted 27/11/2015. Back-dated. The third and final day of my obsessively-blogged short trip to Sydney, and it was destined to be pretty geeky. After breakfast and checking out, we caught a train to Penshurst (changing at Wolli Creek, which I assume is a pretty new interchange station), then a walk in the sun to The Gamesmen, a shop we'd run out of time to visit on Saturday. It had a pretty neat

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Sydney Sunday: Doctor Who galore

Sunday! And so we get to the main excuse reason for the trip to Sydney on this specific weekend: the Doctor Who Festival. I've been to Comic-Con in Melbourne twice, but this was a different beast: 98% dedicated to Doctor Who, with little bit of Sherlock (which has many of the same producers/writers/crew members/fans!) getting a look-in too. But its official status meant this event got big guns in

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Short stay in Sydney: day one

(Back-dated. Posted 24/11/2015.) Booking hotels When I book hotels, I treat location as the highest priority. I'm aiming to make it easy to get around the city we're going to without a car. For this trip, I was aiming for easy access to: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney CBD, and the airport. Anything else was a bonus. We're talking about a situation where being 500 metres further from a railway s