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UK/Belgium holiday in planning

Very busy the last few weeks, which is why the blog has been so quiet. Long-time readers would know that I like to write about my interstate and overseas holidays in almost excruciating detail. Well brace yourself for another one - I've got a European holiday in planning for later this year. It's looking like England, Wales, and Belgium, with catching up with various family scattered around

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Gold Coast Light Rail: tram priority far better than anything in Melbourne

The Gold Coast Light Rail, also known as G:Link opened in July 2014, making it Australia's newest completed tram/light-rail line. I was very impressed when I rode it last week. As you would hope and expect, they've put a lot of thought into the design, and there are a number of things Melbourne can learn from it. The route The line is 13 kilometres, from Broadbeach South, parallel to

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Melbourne from a 737

Early start. If all went to plan, I was going to be at Melbourne Airport to meet my offspring at 12:30, assuming they made their connection in Sydney at 11:15. Being there at 12:30 meant flying out of Brisbane by 9am, as the flight is a little over two hours, and in summer there's an hour's time difference due to daylight saving. To be on a 9am flight (8:55 to be precise) means being at the

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Brisbane bound

Day two of my quick trip to Brisbane. Memo to myself: when in Queensland in summer, make sure the blinds/curtains are closed properly before going to bed. Given no daylight savings in the Sunshine State, you can expect the sunshine to come through the window at about 5am. I found myself awake at about 5:20, and it wasn't particularly easy to get back to sleep. When I eventually got up, it

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Gunzelling on the Gold Coast

The plan was to head up to Queensland for a couple of days. For a short break, but also to visit my Dad's memorial bench at UQ, and see my uncle Frank. I devised a plan to fly into the Gold Coast so that (given nobody else was coming) I could have a look at the Gold Coast Tram Light Rail, which was built after my last visit in 2011. And as a bonus, my sons were flying back from their holiday on

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What can Melbourne learn from Singapore’s skyrails?

While I was in Singapore for my holiday, I had a good look at the MRT, and I wanted to specifically post about the MRT's elevated sections. I'm not the only one to ponder a comparison to the proposed Dandenong line skyrail... Channel 9 recently featured this story, which is worth a look: [email protected]_lund speaks with the people who live next door to Singapore's Skyrail. Here's what they

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Things I learnt about the Singapore MRT (and a comparison with Melbourne)

See also: my other posts from Singapore This post pulls together some things I saw on my on my holiday, together with information gleaned from a briefing with the Singapore Land Transport Authority (organised by chance courtesy of the Victorian Government when some of their people discovered they'd be in Singapore at the same time I was), together with information trawled off the web. MRT an

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Singapore day 7: heading home

Our last day in Singapore. After breakfast we headed for the pool for a while. It was warming up but not too hot, and very nice in the water. Then a moment of panic. Where had I put my room door key card? It was in my bathers pocket, and... oh. There it is. On the bottom of the pool. Fortunately it seemed intact and it still worked. We packed up our bags for the evening flight, and ch

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Singapore day 6: cable cars, giant lions, and lazing on the beach

We awoke in the resort on Sentosa, with one more full day before heading back to chilly Melbourne. Breakfast buffet. I totally ate too much, and I didn't even get to have an omelette (made fresh by chefs in the buffet area). But anyway, time to explore! Sentosa island has two cable car lines. One goes east-west across it, the other heads north across the water to the mainland of S

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Singapore day 5: Boring tunnels and resort islands

About a week before leaving for Singapore, I'd been in a meeting with some people from the Victorian government, talking rail tunnels and level crossing removals. I mentioned I was going, and asked what I should look at. Turned out they were about to send some of their people off overseas to exchange ideas with counterparts in various parts of the world - including Singapore, on a day I'd be th