Hobart 2006

Caught in the snow

(Post backdated to the day it happened. Posted Tue 10 Oct 2006.) Over breakfast we pondered if we should go up Mount Wellington. The night before we'd rung about a bus tour, but looking at the weather that day, with snow forecast for the peak, and a lot of fog visible around the top, it wasn't looking good. (There's also a bus up, bike down tour which would be fantastic on a nice day). Eventual

Hobart 2006

Market and the lockup

(Post backdated to the day it happened. Posted Tue 10 Oct 2006.) When it comes to hotel accomodation: there's a few different variants. First is your budget place: backpackers and so on. Ugly, perhaps not comfortable, often pretty bare, but cheap. Then there's your corporate hotels: often ugly, but comfortable and functional. Soemtimes quite expensive. Then there's your Bed & Breakfasts, of

Hobart 2006

When I get down to Hobart Town

(Post backdated to the day it happened. Posted Sun 8 Oct 2006.) I thought Jetstar liked me, when the lady at check-in suggested I not check-in my bag. It was light enough, she said, that I could carry it with me on the plane, provided it didn't have any sharp objects in it -- which it didn't. Great, I thought. It'll save me time. But soon I discovered that Jetstar does, in fact, hate me. Why

Hobart 2006

Off to Hobart

I'm off to Hobart today, for the weekend. The first thing people have asked me when I mention it? "Are you hiring a car?" -- as if Hobart is so horrible that as soon as we've arrived, we have to escape it. Maybe it's just that Hobart is small. That's the verdict from the advance party (Marita, going to a conference down there), who let me know within hours of getting there that we should con

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How much are Frequent Flyer points worth?

I've been planning some activity for my many frequent flyer points, many tens of thousands of which were earnt over several years of paying for childcare on a credit card several years ago. It adds up, I can tell you. Firstly I'll be jaunting down to Hobart for a few days in October with Marita. Then I'll be taking the kids on a little holiday over the Melbourne Cup long weekend. Their preferre