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Gold Coast Light Rail: tram priority far better than anything in Melbourne

The Gold Coast Light Rail, also known as G:Link opened in July 2014, making it Australia's newest completed tram/light-rail line. I was very impressed when I rode it last week. As you would hope and expect, they've put a lot of thought into the design, and there are a number of things Melbourne can learn from it. The route The line is 13 kilometres, from Broadbeach South, parallel to

Brisbane 2017, Toxic Custard newsletter

Melbourne from a 737

Early start. If all went to plan, I was going to be at Melbourne Airport to meet my offspring at 12:30, assuming they made their connection in Sydney at 11:15. Being there at 12:30 meant flying out of Brisbane by 9am, as the flight is a little over two hours, and in summer there's an hour's time difference due to daylight saving. To be on a 9am flight (8:55 to be precise) means being at the

Brisbane 2017, Toxic Custard newsletter

Brisbane bound

Day two of my quick trip to Brisbane. Memo to myself: when in Queensland in summer, make sure the blinds/curtains are closed properly before going to bed. Given no daylight savings in the Sunshine State, you can expect the sunshine to come through the window at about 5am. I found myself awake at about 5:20, and it wasn't particularly easy to get back to sleep. When I eventually got up, it

Brisbane 2017, Toxic Custard newsletter

Gunzelling on the Gold Coast

The plan was to head up to Queensland for a couple of days. For a short break, but also to visit my Dad's memorial bench at UQ, and see my uncle Frank. I devised a plan to fly into the Gold Coast so that (given nobody else was coming) I could have a look at the Gold Coast Tram Light Rail, which was built after my last visit in 2011. And as a bonus, my sons were flying back from their holiday on