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What the F--- do you think you're doing, Mr White Stationwagon? Where the F--- did you get your driver's licence? Why the F--- do you think you can decide as you're driving through an intersection in the left hand lane, that you are suddenly going to turn right, across three lanes of traffic, cutting me off as I'm about to turn right the other way, leaving my car helplessly stuck in the intersecti

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Foxtel bad, Metcard good

Well Mr Foxtel came over yesterday to wire me up to a world of entertainment. Hey, wait a sec, that's Foxtel's slogan... but don't they have problems with it also being Crown Casino's slogan? Did both of them forget to trademark it? Have they agreed to share it? Anyway Mr Foxtel came over. He wanted to know where the existing point was. What existing point? The one my cable internet comes through


Stand clear please

On Tuesday, I was working at home. My workmate Stanley needed to get some CDs off me. So I gave him instructions for getting to my local station, and said I'd meet him there. Good plan? Nothing simpler, right? Stanley had never been on a train before. Never. Trams yes, but not trains. Oh what a sheltered life he must lead. He seemed worried about it, but I told him which train to catch, and which



This morning I was on my way into the city. I got to the station at 8:17, to find the 8:06 running a tad late. Not to worry, I was aiming for the 8:21, which couldn't be far behind. Anyway the 8:06 was packed. Absolutely packed. No, really, I think I saw people crowd surfing in it. There was a mosh pit in the first carriage up by the driver. So I let it go by. I let an express go by too, because

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Phun with phones

A couple of years ago, I had a regular TCWF feature called "Moron of the Week". It showcased a particularly moronic driver I'd seen on the roads that week. People liked it, but I got tired of the concept. Tonight however, I spotted one. Getting off the tram to go home, a woman in a red sports car came alongside the tram and failed to stop at the back door for me to get off (as required


Heading home

A few weeks ago we found ourselves heading home after dinner at a friend's place, a few hours spent stuffing ourselves with food and wine. Not too many hours though; with a small child called Isaac in tow it's not quite so easy to paint the town completely red, so we were heading back to the station by about 9:30. The seven minute train ride home was uneventful except for the three (count them, t


The guys from MET TRAM

Just something I've noticed... Why have our tram conductors started wearing high visibility jackets? Even during the day? With "MET TRAM" emblazoned across the back. Who do they think they are, FBI Agents? Armed Response Police? "Stand aside please citizens, MET TRAM coming through! All right, nobody move! Freeze scumbags! Tickets please!" Maybe it's to satisfy that small sect